Zhilyova Breathes Non-Standard Into New Apocalypse Capsule Drop

Just when you thought lingerie had reached the apex of its art in body-hugging, lingerie brand Zhilyova drops an interstellar bomb. Cosmic, with primordial vibes of feminine energy and an interstellar glow in palette, the Ukrainian Maison shines once again with the crème of textured elegance: dresses, stockings, bodysuits, and harnesses make up a capsule collection to blow your mind.

After the undisputable artistry infused in the collections “Mars isn’t enough” and “Multiverse”, Zhilyova signs a third intergalactic-inspired creation labelled ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse). The brand, founded in 2014 by Valeria Zhilyova, makes body-related boundaries a faint scent of a memory.

Well set in the 2021 need for inclusivity and empowerment of the body and the mind, Zhilyova combines the delicacy of exquisitely crafted lingerie and the need to reveal every single facet of the feminine body, far from rules and other not-said-but-still-thought conventions.

“We continue to expand the existing boundaries of self-acceptance by producing another lingerie set, so it is extremely important for us to create a versatile line that will glorify all the nuances of the female body and submit the company's values ​​- self-love, comfort and inclusion.” - Valeria Zhilyova.

“Innovations, emotion, and concept”

Zhilyova team reveals the burning debut of the collection: “Our team is in constant search for innovative new materials and ways to create. The new drop came together where innovations, emotion and concept collided to outburst.”

The Ukrainian lingerie designer has blown up the whole of the lingerie world with colour palettes inspired by interstellar patterns; Alpha Red, Space Green, and Mystery Blue burst in a combination of creativity and tulle. That is there the birth of ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse), a collection inspired by limitless self-expression, embodied freedom of movement and the glorified female body.

Model and dancer Sonya Mohova stars in a head-turning photoshoot captured by talented photographer Stephan Lisowski. As a result, intricate shapes, obscure warmth, and a sparkling game of see-through attitude. The rule? No rule. Mohova’s personality shatters through the lens, unchained from the existing system, disobedient and free.

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Freedom, innovation, experimentation; all crash into each other in the 2021 capsule that propels forward lingerie as evening wear, and a breath of can-only-be-sexy in each piece of ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse).

Inspired by the strength and energy of woman, ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse) binds its primordial motifs to the magic of planets. There, Zhilyova translates air and wind into form-fitting tulle that boasts an abstract rawness.

The capsule collection features evening showstoppers in the shape of an asymmetric dress and translucent stretch tulle flared trousers in shiny hues of an utterly decadent blueish purple. Together, they add a touch of late 70s glamour to the mix of otherworldly pieces of ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse), whose sight triggers the need to parade in them anywhere.

A seriously green silk dress, “Omega”, joins the party, followed by the evident energy of the cosmic-splattered stockings, bodysuits, and harnesses built with abstract digital print. Cutouts and shirring seem to be scattered here and there without a cause and finish, in the ignition of their beauty, to present the world of fashion with avant-garde self-esteem.

With ἀποκάλυψις (Apocalypse), Zhilyova successfully wipes away the remnants of old-school lingerie and sets a new standard of attitude and carelessness in the underwear industry. The glistening tulle might hug your shapes in all the right places, but we have to admit that Zhilyova’s vision hugs our hearts pretty tightly too.

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