Zeggé and Reemo | New release 'Connect'

In another energetic instalment of their upcoming EP, North London based duo Zeggé and Reemo release ‘Connect’, a hard-hitting cohesion of intense beats and powerful lyrics, and its exactly what the UK drill scene has been looking for.

‘Connect’ perfectly showcases the unique talent and pure passion behind the two artists, a perfect blend of vocals combined with the duo’s signature back to back bombastic style, resonating deeply with underground music fans searching for the next big artist.

Deep beats, raw vocals and pure energy push ‘Connect’ to new levels, combined with the fiery drive and pure passion for their industry that radiate from the pair, this latest track is set to out shine their previous release, a perfect addition to look back on in the start of what is set to be an iconic rise for the duo.

Expanding on the story behind ‘Connect’, Zeggè explained “The song ‘Connect’ is me and Reemo doing what we do best. This song was inspired by a necessity to make big things happen for not only ourselves, but for those around and close to us also. It is in essence, a promise.”

Emerging from Tottenham and Hackey, the artist duo offers a fresh injection of talent into the scene, underpinned by Reemo and Zegge’s fiery drive and pure passion that is apparent in every beat they produce.

Both rapidly rising talents, the pair have already begun to make their mark across the UK drill scene. ‘Connect’ follows their highly successful debut release ‘Bang’ a track which has amassed over 20,000 Spotify streams and 14,000 Youtube streams, setting them off on a path to follow in the footsteps of UK drill legends Skepta and Chip, credited as an inspiration by Zeggé and Reemo.

This refreshing duo are already making waves across the industry, playing alongside fellow rapper GBNGA and emulating the early work of icons J Hus and AJ Tracey, in an exciting take on contemporary drill, quickly becoming established across London.

The distinctive pair are on a path to the top, ready to explode, so catch them early. We are ready and waiting for their next release and we couldn’t be more excited to see where their music is headed.

‘Connect’ is available to stream across Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud, and it is certainly one to have on your November playlists.

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