• Amera mohamed

XUMU – The world’s first invisible coat

The world’s first truly invisible coat has hit the shelves thanks to luxury fashion brand XUMU.

Springing from Berlin, Germany, XUMU, the original creator of the giant puffer has trailblazed in terms of the amalgamation of science, fashion, and art in a bid to add the world’s very first invisible garment to its vast collection of oversized outerwear.

The coat, available for purchase at the price of $37,990.00, is an oversized truly transparent puffer, the structure bound together with a thick, silver-toothed zipper, oversized slider, and pull tab emblazoned with the brands ‘X’ trademark logo. The logo also printed on the back and arm of the see-through structure.

Made possible by XUMU’s extensive R&D efforts and the combination of interdisciplinary partnerships – the brand has utilised lenticular lenses to create the 99.8% translucent fabric

Designers at XUMU derived their inspiration from jellyfish and other underwater transparent sea creatures – research commissioned by the brand examining ‘platelet’ tiny structures found in sub-aquatic organism’s skin to create the material.

The unprecedented product developed with XUMU's innovative TruInvis™ technology – is the only method to date for combining lenses with fabric to create a seemingly invisible garment.

During the production process, XUMU developed goggles for artisans to work with the fabric, to allow the design and structure to be visible when placed under UV light.

The newly innovative coat-making process involves using multiple sheets of lenticular lenses to create a layout for refracting light at a myriad angle. The phenomenon of refraction, which is the bending of light, occurs when light passes from multiple mediums with different densities at an angle, this method of layering generates dead spots that light is unable to pass through, concealing the fabric and creating a truly invisible illusion.

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