• Jacob Harwood

Would you like to #ReshapeTheWorld?

Do you have it in you to #ReshapeTheWorld?

The Rebel Majesty® community (powered by KaiFlow®) are recruiting one thousand players to play in #ReshapeTheWorld. This “game” aims to gather creative and inspired minds to work and play together to reshape the world from the inside out. What would you reshape in your world?

A “game” is a project - either personal or team-based – that you are working on, playing with, exploring. Their unique gamification method turns each project into a transformative experience that you can play with others or by yourself (or both!).

Rebel Majesty are a diverse community looking for Secret Creatives, Mavericks, Introverts, Artists, Queers and Pioneers to be players in the #ReshapeTheWorld game & they will be gifting 10 memberships as the #ReshapeTheWorld game expands

How to enter the game:

Are you ready to play?

Upload a short video on social media explaining how you would reshape the world, using the hashtag #ReshapeTheWorld. This can be anything from talking to the camera about how you would reshape the world to an art montage of illustrations demonstrating the same thing - the possibilities are endless!

This game connects you to being in your creative expression​. How would you express your creativity? Use the KaiFlow framework of Rebel (Undo), Reconnect (Stand) and Reshape (ReJack) as a guide for your entry. Here's a support link.

What are you rebelling against? What do you want to undo? What will you reconnect to? What are you standing for? For yourself and others? What are you reshaping, creating, making? How would be possible for you and others through reshaping?

Rebel Majesty will gift 10 memberships to 10 players who will then enter the community and join #ReshapeTheWorld - the worldwide game aimed at reshaping our worlds from the inside out.

“It's not about ‘getting better’ or ‘improving’, but it’s about undoing and unlearning. The aim is to return and reconnect players to their unique value and liberate them from external expectations.”​ - ​Bodhi Eira Jones, founder of Rebel Majesty and KaiFlow & #ReshapeTheWorld game player.

Bodhi Eira Jones, founder of Rebel Majesty and KaiFlow & #ReshapeTheWorld game player.
Bodhi Eira Jones, founder of Rebel Majesty and KaiFlow & #ReshapeTheWorld game player.

Rebel Majesty are the players, KaiFlow is the practice, #ReshapeTheWorld is the game. Rebel Majesty is a platform and community that joins players together who are reconnecting with themselves, playing in their creativity and reshaping their worlds from the inside out. The core of Rebel Majesty is providing an open, inclusive space for their players to join and play in to reshape their life.

“Rebel Majesty holds space and creative studios that are magical and profound. Through the authenticity and rawness of all the shares and mirrors held up in the community, I connect to my purpose. Rebel Majesty, on behalf of the world and all its unheard voices, thank you.”​ - ​Current player of Rebel Majesty.

The Rebel Majesty community is powered by KaiFlow, which stands for Reconnection (Kai) & Immersion (Flow). KaiFlow has been around since 2005 and has supported groups and individuals of all walks of life, from professional sports teams to CEO’s. But this is the first time the KaiFlow process will be accessible to a wider audience.

In Rebel Majesty, we celebrate rebellion, and for us, rebellion means creativity. It means undoing the stuff that doesn’t work, reconnecting to what does, and standing for uniqueness. “We are seeking players who will really immerse in the bigger game... have you got what it takes to play?” Bodhi Eira Jones, founder of Rebel Majesty and KaiFlow & #ReshapeTheWorld game player.

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