Wish Master | 'Mindfulness/Far Away'

Today, Bristol-based rapper Wish Master releases the visuals behind 'Mindfulness/Far Away' from his third album 'The Bull', a cohesive eleven-track project showcasing Wish Master's fine-tuned skills and perspectives. 

Two tracks in one, the double-bill music video for 'Mindfulness/Far Away' sees the MC cycle far away into the countryside to boost his mindfulness. The video also features verses from Jordan Nathaniel, CW Jones, Scarboy and a strong variety of producers such as Van Dam, Hozay, Chimera and Luke Niya. 

Bristol lyricist and founder of Official Recordings; Wish Maker enlisted Niya and Chimera to produce 'Mindfulness' and 'Far Away', respectively. Known for his hard grind and introspective writing, the mellow beats allow ample space for Wish Master's thought-provoking techniques.

Fellow Bristolians PatchUp Productions capture the adventure amazingly, joining Wish by the sea for a contemplative classic. 

"We used to link up, hit road, do grime daily / Nothing don't last forever, it gotta change G / Times go on and we evolve, I ain't the same me."

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