Whos That Girl Beauty | Q&A

Blendifying beauty from her Surrey bedroom is Instagram account Whos That Girl Beauty. Keeping entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown couldn't be easier when following her quirky makeup tutorials, not only delivering sleek, contoured and perfect looks. But also channelling that inner queer, fun-loving flare through some quite out-there aesthetics! In a Modèle interview, we talk with Who's That Girl Beauty (Jess Aspin) about her MUA experiences and self-isolation beauty tactics.

What has your journey been like so far, building yourself as an MUA creative? I have honestly enjoyed growing as an MUA creative so much. Although sometimes have been hard because life try’s to get in the way sometimes, I always find time for my makeup. I have overall loved learning, getting creative and pushing my boundaries with it as I have always wanted to pursue this career. I am very excited about the future. What makeup brands are your favourite to use at the moment? I can’t ever fault @kikocosmetics lipsticks and lip glosses because of the smell, non-sticky formula, pigment and easy application. I also really like using @morphe eyeshadow palettes because they are so pigmented! I always think money is well spent!

How do you try and distinguish your individuality in your work? I feel that I show my individuality by just being myself! I believe being yourself is everyone’s own individual power. It allows me to express my creativity in my very own way. Another way I feel I am individual is that unlike most MUA’s I completely improvise all my looks. I start with thinking what type of look I want to create and then I just improvise and start chucking it on! I don’t even think out colours or positions. I also don’t watch YouTubers and I never have done because I’ve always wanted to try to pursue makeup in my own way, without my creativity always being stemmed and influenced by other MUA’s.

In your opinion how is the current COVID-19 situation going to affect creatives like yourself? If I’m being completely honest, I believe there are definitely two sides to this answer. One side is that it is benefiting us greatly because we are all able to sit down and have loads of time to be able to get creative without the normal stresses of the world. Whereas, on the other side, the makeup creatives who are more service-based and rely on income from being a makeup artist. This has affected them badly as they are unable to get any appointments and bookings. I personally focus more on social media aspects and if I get a booking, it’s a little something extra.

How can people at home use makeup to keep themselves positive during the UK lockdown? Makeup is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s face paint, makeup, prosthetics or many more, people can have so much fun with it all! Even if you haven’t had much experience in makeup, everyone has to start somewhere and who doesn’t love getting all glammed up for a house party chat!

What steps are you taking over this self-isolation period to keep yourself proactive and creative? I have set myself a goal to make sure I’m uploading more material every week to take advantage of all this free time! As creative makeup is more time consuming than some, it really keeps me proactive because I’m able to take my time with each of my looks. It also keeps me even more creative than normal as I have a more calm mind to be able to focus on creating different material. I also have been keeping active like working out, running and cycling and I truly believe, keeping proactive physically, keeps your creativity proactive alongside it.

With many people struggling to get many supplies from the lockdown, what are your ideas of staying creative on limited resources? Luckily, before the lockdown, I had a supply of face paints and other props such as fake flowers, leaves, etc. However, for people who are struggling for supplies, I would recommend trying to find random things around the house or even in your garden! You could use leaves from a tree for example. What I also did, was cut bunny ears out of domino’s pizza boxes from my dinner one night! The next day, I painted them and used some glitter to create my Cadbury’s bunny look, that I created on Easter. You can also buy things online as usual. You can find a lot of props for makeup looks on Amazon and eBay so that is always something people can resort to for creativity, whilst keeping in isolation. Things may take longer to get to you but I know that Amazon has been very quick!

What's the first thing you’ll do once self-isolation is over? First of all, I will be very pleased and excited to open my makeup services back up, to anyone who would like to come to visit me and make a booking. I will also definitely be going into town, treating myself to a massive makeup shop and go to at least three different restaurants or fast food places. I’m sure on everyone’s list is to go to McDonald’s!

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