Wear Polish SS20 | Showcasing designers

In their first collaboration with Fashion Scout, the European revelation 'Wear Polish' flaunted newly made designs in London's Fashion Week, demonstrating their local Polish creativity, craftsmanship and authenticity during the catwalk. Gathering the young designers: Acephala, Diligent and Pat Guzik Wear Polish's show displayed a range of Polish designing elements whist taking into consideration sustainability and social responsibility.

Feminised and sustainable brand Acephala crafted by designer Monika Kędziora demonstrated a collection that explores the relation between the female body and space. Finding inspiration from artistic 'influencers' Katarzyna Kobro and Ana Mendieta the garments manifest the ideas around 'uniforms' which enable the wearer to become a part of her surroundings, providing autonomy, space and a visible presence. Providing a huge range of styled designs in the collection it includes easy to wear t-shirts and dresses, semi-formal maxi dresses, unconventional white shirts, dramatised workplace suits, small neon detailing, statement skirts including materials like experimental cotton, organic wool, silk, gold/silver metallic netting and jacquard. Composing of many architectural and geometric designs the collection showed extermination within classical and minimalist forms including eccentric corsets, landscape printing, architectural cutouts and a cutting-edge knitwear approach.

Innovative dramatising luxury streetwear came Diligent, a collaboration by young designers Marta Pospieszna and Szymon Mózek, the artists have created a vision of an artistic street-styled brand. Grabbing enthusiasm from street fashion, contemporary art, nature and capital cities the brand welcomes a mixture of genre garments. Launching their latest 'UNIFORM' line combined the symbolic avant-garde nature of the brand alongside granting a casual ready-to-wear aesthetic. Delivering a Victorian feel to the designs using oversized sleeves, floaty large hats and matching two pieces contrasting with modernized street fashion, applying luxury silk silhouettes and 'bum-bags' the collection the brand demonstrated a time-travelling persona.

Designed under high sustainable fashion rules creator Pat Guzik displays a collection that's dedicated to strong values; responsibly sourced, local production, cooperation and transparency. Constructing a 'Streetwear' collection Guzik eliminates any material waste, the line is crafted from used items of clothing infusing the collaboration of Polish illustrator Mateusz Kolek who produces embroidery, label prints and patterns. Presenting a "recycle-reuse-love" collection based on influences from Gertrude Jekyll's book 'Wood and Garden' by re-using all textiles and materials and exclude offcuts within the process. With much use of auteur clothing cuts the collection mimics Pat Guzik's imaginative concepts including 'when journeying into the unknown, you always bring back something unexpected and original' alongside claiming 'we swirl in colours of the merry-go-round of life at a speed that blends all shades into an elusive white. At night, however, in our dreams, we are drawn into an extraordinary spectacle of luminosity, as lif into imagination. Guzik explodes imagery and creativity in her latest S20 collection.

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