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Vinci Tommy T | Out With The Clout Chasers

Artist Vinci Tommy T, from the happiest and proudest country in Central Africa, Congo, Born in France and raised in the east of the Netherlands. He began recognising his passion for music and rap with his good buddy Nevs Moody, performing locally in the city of Apeldoorn, they also would write rhymes and record music together.

“Bunny Gang” is the creative collective group, where Tommy T conducted collaborations with Benny Baller, Sammy Savage and Johnny Jecoliah. Advancing his sound and flow over the years alongside his growing experience, his powerful and motivated attitude pushed him to show the world the unique sound he developed. His first music videos were a huge success, expanding his fan base from a national audience to the global concourse, ready to take the rest of the globe by storm with his creative mindset.

Describing his signature sound to be a combination of new school, old school and melodic sounds mixed with lyricism, his vibrant personality is embodied within his musical style, also providing elements of unpredictability within his songs though injections of other genres into his diverse music style, deviating from his recognised style "If people were to judge me they would say that i look like someone that would only make trap music but i’m capable of so much more, i have a very playful, creative and open minded personality and that also reflects on my music". Differing from upcoming artists, Tommy T's transition between genres sets him aside from other artists, through an unconventional fusion of sounds.

Tommy T first got into music from the ‘Wu Tang’ video ‘Gravel Pit’ "it opened my eyes and ears to new sounds and visuals I’ve never heard or seen before . After that I told my mum that I wanted to be just like them and not long after I started making music."One of the hardest challenges encountered by Vinci since starting out was breaking into the Neatherlands music scene with English rap, an uncommon phenomenon to an audience"Most of the people in the netherlands are only interested in dutch music which makes it hard to get yourself out there. that’s one of the reasons that i decided to move to the UK."

Growing from a local to an international following over the past few years, the music of Vinci has spread to audiences in America, Russia and Australia "I have a lot of people from america, russia and australia messaging me saying that they listen to my music and i keep gaining followers from all over the world". Currently residing in Cambridge the artist has released a number of songs, one of his most popular being the single Nak3ed, “I was laying in my bed naked and I was just free-styling the hook and it actually sounded dope so I asked my girlfriend what she thought about it and she liked it, from then I decided I’m going to make a song called ‘naked’, but the song has a deeper meaning it’s not actually about being naked its more about being free and exposing yourself creatively."

Pouring his creative thoughts into each track, the artist is rapidly becoming a recognisable talent in the music industry, an individual intent on changing the industry for the better "At the moment there are so many people in the industry that are there for the wrong reasons. there are only a few people that i feel that are passionate about their music but most artists just do it for the clout, cut the clout chasers out".

Having recently released his maxi single 'Bad Dish/Cover Girl' Tommy T’s steps for the future, include releasing more tracks, content and collaborations between other talented artists.

"Their are only a few people that I feel that are passionate about their music, most artists just do it for the clout, cut the clout chasers out." - Vinci Tommy T

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