It is not a secret: today, activewear lays the ground for many a fashionista’s day-to-day style. Indeed, the past years have witnessed a resurgence of the 80’s legging and body shape-embracing lycra textures, and sporty bralettes are now a must-have of layering.

Italian brand Varenna caters to the need of women of all sizes to showcase a cozy yet active style. Inspired by Lake Como and its elegant villas, the brand birthed by the minds of three fashion-focused creatives balances nature and millennial silk print tradition.

Creative Director Arantxa Gandini, her brother CEO Felix de Iturriaga, and textile engineer Olivier Lepoutre blend summer into Varenna’s luxurious designs, merging the latest activewear trends with the finest Italian fabrics.

The concept of Varenna? Cover the fashion niche for activewear in the affordable luxury market, handcrafting pieces on a scale coming close to tailor-made. Varenna’s strict research and development process add a new wrinkle to sustainable womenswear fashion, not only by offering special sizes without a premium price but also by bringing to life pieces that can be 100% recycled, allowing the brand to collect and recycle old garments into new ones.

“I am passionate about fashion as much as about wellness. I could either find elegant brands, with excellent quality, but not following fashion, or companies more oriented to fashion but with poor performance, or too aggressive. I really missed a brand that could allow me to wear the latest trends while working out, without giving up quality and the highest technical performance” – Arantxa Gandini

Varenna’s SS21 collection focuses on fantasy products in a limited-edition capsule of 250 handcrafted pieces available and polished staples. Revolving around mesh and organic cotton, Varenna’s SS21 collection was imagined to sew comfort called for by sports such as yoga and Pilates into intoxicating and performant fabrics.

The outright fantasy designs of SS21 denote a unique, attractive vision curated by years of experience in the fashion industry. Arantxa Gandini achieved sleek designs while providing women with a smooth, natural fit, positioning Varenna’s activewear as the ultimate everyday basic.

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