UK HUN London | Camden Lockside

Authentic underground music originating from all over the country is one of London’s best assets, UK Hun London is celebrating the creativity of our country by holding insane music events in the capital. Inspired by the UK greatest performers, UK Hun’s programming leans heavily on UK inspired Garage, Deep/Minimal House and home grown underground sounds that represent London’s underground scene. 

Founder of UK Hun, Nicky Sahota, runs the events single handily with minor help from DJs and brother Ricky Sahota. He says the idea of UK Hun came to him as “the overseas DJ's I've been out and listened to over the years have always delivered music which represents their countries sound and vibe. I loved how the DJs infused their cultural sounds and it was so clear for everyone to see. That just inspired me to say you know what, London has some of the best sounds worldwide, and we need to make the most of what we have here”. 

Hosting their 1st birthday anniversary event at Lockside, Camden tickets were on sale for £5. With Shai Spooner and Harry Luda headlining the night, the music was bound to be unstoppable underground gold. Other acts such as Maximus Stephanos, Owen James, Tom Marron with Ricky and Nicky Sahota also indulged into the madness of the mixing decks. 

Brother Ricky, founder of Subconscious Records, is a huge supporter of his brother's input into the scene. Founding from the “roots and underground” London scene Ricky has shared the music love with his brother, developing on both their careers and taking their sounds up and down the city. Ricky says, “It’s just about growing our community at home and sharing quality music – it’s simple really, UKG blew up in London, drum and bass came from London, acid came from London - we are pretty much the backbone of dance music, it's massively ignored and I think we have a lot to celebrate culturally as a city.” With the following being underground and authentic listeners and ravers are heavily indulged into the Sahota Brothers parties and passion for London inspired beats, and are gasping for more. 

Developing a following from across the country by expanding his networking, Nicky heavily relies on social media to boost his events although says “word of mouth is also good, face to face networking is pivotal, the beautiful thing about London is you turn up to someone else’s event, dance, bring a smile and good energy then the chances of them doing the same for you is high”. 

Not only does Nicky have a passion for UKs best underground music but his performers of the night were keen supporters of the love and creativity that the underground scene produces. Shai Spooner who runs Entity London comments on how difficult the underground music scene is “music is one of the hardest industries in the world if you ever wanna be a success in music it’s a non-stop journey”. Challenges that underground artists face is the pure reason to why Nicky Sahota and his UK Hun organisations are so important in the modern-day underground scene. 

“Music is a very personal thing, a lot of people in music are very sensitive you know. It’s your art to some degree”. With Entity London being on their sixth vinyl release Shai is making big movements in the underground scene, making sure he supports organisations like UK Hun in pushing the original London material. “It’s all about being organic”. 

The UK's underground music scene will forever be growing and changing in time, with people like Nicky and Ricky Sahota celebrating the original sounds of the UK it will seem more possible that people will stay interested into the scene and continue to rave the weekends away.

Photographer - Zara Hunter and Jacob Harwoord

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