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True Colours | A Celebration of 80's EDM

True Colours an event to celebrate Electronic and computerised Music, video animation, and the retro DJ culture, all under the 1980’s rainbow neon, celebrated on 2 May at Grow in Shoreditch, East London.

A new year resolution compelled the organiser Alexander Nye to pay homage to a generation who for the first time had the freedom to express themselves without an access to musical instruments. “The party is about certain theme of nostalgia infused with an amount of futurism and modernity” Says Alexander, a Pet Shop Boys fan interested in retro cultures.

1980 is commonly remembered for the usage of digital recordings, and remembered for its synthesisers and electronic genres, away from traditional instruments. The digital music gave an opportunity to people who did not or could not play the guitar or the piano to express their emotions which paved the way for the art of digital music which is even practiced today.

Alexander believes it is imperative to remember the pioneers of the digital music who did an incredible thing and that is expressing themselves via a computer chip and connect to people to an emotional level. “The history of music goes back to what, 3000 years? Or since the dawn of time and so many sounds have been forgotten. When we listen to 30s, 40s or 60s music we listen to a lost language, I am guilty of being trapped in the past, but I believe certain things really need to be given their dues." Alexander states explaining the concept behind 'True Colours'. “Hence The True Colours of that genre, I know the first thing comes to your mind is the song True Colours, But it is about the true colours of those people, of that kind of music. There was a triumph of positivity and a sense of victory that was taken for granted with an understated approach, a bit like the Pet Shop Boys”.

Bringing old and new together and offering something different, Alexander and the DG Patrick Gakaghan felt it was important to remember and pay homage to an incredible decade who invited the global citizens into the creative world of musical art and videos.

Half Australian DJ Patrick, who was jet lagged after a 12 hour flight, delivered an impromptu yet incredible performance at a party only to receive his deserved DJ name Pilot. Patrick, AKA Pilot informs us of the welcoming nature of the venue and opportunity it provides to presented a range of diverse ideas.

The videos playing throughout the night, feature an 80’s misunderstood boy, slightly insecure under his baseball cap and yet running to a future full of honesty and clarity. The club danced away with the sounds of electro, techno, house, freestyle and Eurodance music.

“It was before my time but what makes the 80’s special is it was based on technology and it gave a platform to the under privileged and it was about musical freedom" Patrick informs us, with sheer expression of love and respect to the era. “You see, what hasn’t changed is we are still using technology and that was the time we first realised that we can feed a sound to a computer and make something of it that can stir emotions and effects”

Patrick and Alexander invites today’s generations to enjoy the sound of the computer age, to stir inner creative senses and emotions. “Computers can cut corners. I have made good music in my bedroom. Electronic music is opportunistic. You can create the style of music you want to even if you are in a difficult position”.

True Colour will go on in various venues in London to celebrate the Golden age of music.

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