Tran Hung SS20 | London Fashion Week

Interlinking elegance, sexuality and strength in his SS20 collection, Vietnam designer Tran Hung pieces together silk and sheer textiles, along the catwalk in Victoria House. Accentuating silhouettes of female anatomies, with high contextual detailed garments, they are intwining in embroidery and hypnotising to everyone around the subject.

Emphasizing female elegance Tran Hung looks upon a red, black and nude colour scheme within his latest collection, manipulating hand-woven silk to exaggerate on the sheer elegance of the warm and feminine colours. Shying away from fashion trends Hung produces timeless authentic pieces hand-crafted to each of his clients using materials to his advantage he underlines the beauty and effortlessness of female sexuality.

Developing his collection from nature and romance elements related to his Vietnam nationality Trang Hung is able to shape highly intricate embroidery designs adding enchantment and intimacy into his creative constructions. Highlighting female sexuality through the sheer and translucent fabrics demonstrates a scene of power to the collection yet remaining the innocent nature of the silhouettes.

Holding many dynamic qualities in his latest SS20 collection Tran Hung ranges the designs from long extravagant evening dresses to female business pantsuits, it's accommodating for any situation in everyday life. Tailoring to a T Trang Hung clings on to his staple moves originating from his creative space on Vietnam and his SS20 collection proves none other.

Photographers Izzy Clark & Georgia Slack

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