Très Rasché SS20 | A Streetstyle designer to watch

Courageous techno-wear combined with futuristic fashion trends filled up Axel Arigato footwear venue on Broadwick Street. Instagram DJ, designer and stylist Mad Bad Ting hosted her latest Très Rasché Spring Summer 2020 SS20 collection presentation and pop up party on June 7th, 2019 inviting all the best dressed influential Londoner’s to witness.

29k followers on Instagram fashion brand Très Rasché hosted one of the hottest pop-up parties in central London, having social influences of all ranges attend and party the evening away in celebration of Mad Bad Ting’s latest fashion achievements. Social media sensations Gully Guy Leo, Betsy Johnson and Jasmine Asia supported the brands latest designs by attending, performing and walking for Très Rasché.

Utilizing futuristic neon themes and bold lightning bolts on all sides of the venue the celebration stood out among the rest, becoming the most desirable party in the borough. Once doors opened at 7.30pm the queue outside began to grow, gaining more and more fashionable fanatics by the second.

Inside the venue included a rail of Très Rasché's newest collection, ready to pick, wear and buy on the night, opposite to that included the DJ’s decks having the creative designer Mad Bad Ting preform herself alongside supportive friends and Gully Guy Leo. Music made the roof pop off, including upscale beats and uplifting melodies everyone got down in their best-dressed streetwear.

Bottles of beer and vodka cranberries filled the tables, once the evening kicked off everyone was waiting for the models to hover down the runway in pieces and styles designed and created by Instagram super creatives.

9 pm is when lights dimmed and music started sounding faster with the pace increasing with tension, neon vest tops and TR marked designs were in the spotlight of the show showing connections to upscale designer brand Louis Vuitton and Camden town rave babies’ home Cyberdog.

Having incorporated her designs to fit the current and modern fashion trends Mad Bad Ting is smart in the sense of marketing her brand, using the 'TR' Très Rasché trademark print to the brand's advantage.

Including themes and conventions relating to the techno and rave scene, the bright greens and prink represent the forward moving cycle the fashion moves in, demonstrating the designers ‘look into the future’ technique when creating her collection.

Creating a genderless streetwear brand, high quality and accessible for the youthful generation is what Très Rasché demonstrated forming the female stance in a more current and equal way.

The collection also celebrated human differences by including a range of sexes, genders, sexualities, races and sizes on the runway, aligning the collection and brand to the current needs and demands of the audience, combining fashion within equal rights within the designs.

With professional stylist help from Instagram icon Betsy Johnson the models were channelling back to the future meets punk goth, matching what the youth are crazy into in the fashion scene. Models who walked for Très Rasché included Charlie Parker, Demi Hannah Scott, Jasmine Asia, Fish Fiorucci, BabyGyalally, Kobe Darko and Santiago Joaquin.

Once picking their jaws up off from the floor the pop-up attendees cheered on Très Rasché and the outstanding collection presented, many witnesses cheering on the inclusivity and authenticity of the brand and Mad Bad Ting's talents in the fashion scene.

Looking forward to the upcoming movements, street stylists and streetwear icons will be channelling Très Rasché until their heart's content showing support for the unique and in trend designer Mad Bad Ting. Look out for the TR trademark on Instagrams news feed!

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