Throwing back the bassline with Subsidance

Keeping underground events classic with old school music; Subsidance is all about combining the new with the old by synchronising old school bassline with the modern day music outlook.

April 19th 512 London, Kingsland Road had the pleasure of hosting Subsidance’s 2nd birthday bash to celebrate their anniversary. Doors opened at 10pm with tickets being sold for between £5 and £10 the music was easily accessible for all London ravers. Created in 2017 by London nightlife DJs Joe Pressa (below left) and Ollie Abbs (below right), after meeting at a set together and being asked not only to preform but promote also, they put their minds together and created their own promotion company called Subsidacne.

Using many different types of DJs and heavily encouraging them to play their own stuff the Subsidance lads demonstrated their divine skill sets within event management. The evening saw headlining performers 2 Bad Mice (below), Benton, Alex Session and more underground artists.

The venue 512 London was the perfect size bringing all focus to the music blasting the waves through gigantic, ear popping speakers making everyone’s feet tremble alongside the bassline. “We are trying to find the balance between the online promotion and physical promotion like posters and flyers”. Ollie and Pressa stress how much people question them for flyer printing in 2019 but “we want to reach out to people that we wouldn’t be able to on social media”. The crowd mimicked the music, mixing the old school ravers with the newbies on the scene the event did what it was set to do and the lads promotion technique worked a treat in finding just the right audience.

Pressa demonstrates Subsidance’s interest into mixing it up with different periods of music “we want to mix old school people like 2 Bad Mice with new people like Benson, myself, Ollie and just kind of bring something new yet infusing it with the old. We’re kinda cross pollinating it.” Ollie also backed this up “…it’s a new sound, that’s sounding old. It’s reminiscent of the early 90s hard-core breakbeat scene, early jungle music, acid house”.

The Subsidence squad makes it clear that old school music is coming back on the scene “things go in cycles, we’re finding lots of stuff from the 90s is popular again but in a new way, so we are trying to push that forward and promoting that really.” Being a 140bpm jungle DJ, Pressa knows his stuff when it comes to party music, developing his version of the nightlife scene by mixing music from different genres and periods.

In another Modele interview with Alex Session (below) “my music lives in clubs, it can be break beat, house, garage, it can be loads of stuff. I grew up in London so all my influences come from here and hopefully you’ll hear that in the tunes”. With Subsidence seeking Alex out over social media they recruited him for the event it’s the first time he’s performed for them but he states “id happily play for them again”.

For many old school party-seekers Subsidance is a place you’d call home combining everything old school with the modern day technology, the DJs were able to perform tunes that would set you in a back to the future trance. Alongside this the newbie, baby ravers dipped their little toes in and were gasping for more.

This mixture of genre night is trying to push the underground side of London’s music scene alongside bringing all the old school tunes back onto the plate. Pressa and Abbs are determined that re-working vintage music can make a pathway in London’s nightlife scene by pushing Subsidance not only to the ready ravers but the old school sweethearts too. 

Subsidance have a show every fourth Sunday between 11am-1pm on were Pressa presents some great baseline hits.

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