Think Pink | ​Artistic flare for a good cause

This year the annual London College of Fashion illustration competition has partnered with Cass Art to present 'Think Pink.' Hosted by SHOWStudio was an array of artistic talent mixed with fashion flare; the exhibition showcases 20 artists and their interpretations of iconic fashion moments in shades of pink - all for sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. The concept was devised by Sindroms magazine - a fresh biannual publication in which each edition focuses on a single colour.

In Belgravia on Wednesday evening, with the wave of a paint brush - in lieu of a wand - 22D SHOWStudio was decorated with passionately pink portraits. Pink paint was smudged onto canvas paper around the abstract figures of pop culture icons. Red carpet looks, photoshoots and film costumes were all used as muses for these artworks.

Such fashion moments include Marilyn Monroe in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' in the icon dress by Travilla 1953, Gwyneth Paltrow at the 1999 Oscars in Ralph Lauren and Harry Winston, Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' 1961 and Grace Jones in Azzedine Alaia 1985 - all interpreted by different artists.

The pieces are on parchment and sketch pad paper - giving the works a feeling of spontaneity - like jotting down ideas. The works are not elaborate but rather focus on the essential tone and texture of the piece they're portraying.

Many of the artworks capture the personality of the muses; for instance Petra Lunenburg's bold and defiant strokes around the abstract image of Grace Jones portrays her powerful persona. But at times the artwork hardly resembles the famous faces and instead takes on it's own artistic form. Creativity in fashion breeding creativity on the paper.

"We are delighted that the annual London College of Fashion #DRAWFASHION competition how features a charitable addition" - Rob Phillips, Founder of #DRAWFASHION

Breast Cancer Care helps support the 62,000 men and women who get diagnosed with breast cancer every year, their work is vital and it's amazing that this event has organised such a creative way to support the charity.

With cupcakes and pink Prosecco guests were... Tickled pink, if I may say so, by the creativity on display. And all of it is available to buy at SHOWStudio, click here to browse the full works and see all the artists who look part - 85% of each purchase goes to Breast Cancer Care.

Photos: SHOWStudio

Written by Caroline Louise Hamar.

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