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This Valentines Lone Design Club have a delicious treat in the form of women liberation and luxury underwear. On the 14th from 6:30pm - 9:00pm in Soho they are showcasing three luxury underwear brands with bra experts to help you find your right size and style. There has always been a misconception that women only buy underwear for a man's pleasure or for someone to see it. But, Lone Design Club is taking back the idea that underwear is about you! It's about what you want to wear and how you want to feel - whether you're with or without a partner.

But that's, certainly, not all...

Women have always been shamed when it comes to sex, but this event is about getting all your questions out there. They are looking to change the shyness and, honestly, lack of knowledge around the area of sex for women and have discussions that are open and freeing. But this isn't an exclusive singles event - bring your partner along too!

There will be a 'pillow talk' panel, discussing everything from intimacy, empowerment and body confidence, including panellists Stephanie Dominy of The Wicked Jade, Oli Lipski of Wisp Sensual Jewellery, Maina Cisse of The UnderArgument and artist Sophie Rosie Brampton.

Here are some brief introductions to the three lingerie brands being showcased, however, be sure to click on their links and explore the collections, maybe pick out a few pieces you might like to find and try on at the event.

Studio Pia - exclusively crafted from cruelty-free, organic peace silk, these collections have a vision of feeling good ethically and physically.

The UnderArgument - A campaign within each collection, these garments are supported by women who share their stories in the hope to educate us and move away from the norm.

Monology - Beautiful garments at affordable prices that allow women to thrive.

Studio Pia SS20

And if that's not enough artist Sophie Rose Brampton will also be doing portraits, her work is a celebration of girl power, body inclusivity and mental health. Adding an extra element of fun to the evening - but also in a time of Instagram obsession, with exhausting amounts of correct lighting, the right poses and photoshop - let's install a little confidence into ourselves with this creative celebration.

Studio Pia SS20

The 14th also marks the start of London Fashion Week, and this event has a lot to offer in how style and fashion can represent you personally. So, round up the girl gang, bring along your partner or come by yourself! On an occasion all about love and intimacy come and learn a little more about what that means to you and how to treat yourself well.

Tickets are £15 and can be purchased here.

4 - 16 Great Pulteney Street, Soho, W1F 9ND

WISP Sensual Jewellery

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