The Roxy, can you keep it foxy in central London’s nightlife scene?

The Roxy, Rathbone Pl, a classic nightclub in central London is bringing affordable to the London nightlife scene, this club is bursting through the centre of student’s calendars. Once a formal bar aimed at high-class drink seekers the Roxy has completely change around its venue, directing its nights to more of a student based audience.

Every Friday night the Roxy hosts the key from 8.30pm until 3.30am, now directed at students this is a complete change over for the Roxy by including many drinks deals and very affordable entrance fees the venue will be popping with raging energetic students within the next couple of months. Before 11.30 entrances is £4, after its £8 but it’s possible to get a discount of £2 on each ticket by printing the online flyer before-hand. With a capacity of 300 the venue is able to hold a very large crowd of people increasing the buzz of the event and the night.

Over the past year, the Roxy hasn’t been on top form, receiving bad reviews on google, one posted 3 weeks back stated ‘Don’t go here. 1. Worst bouncers in London, will swear at you and treat you like animals. 2. You’ll wait at least 30 minutes in line before getting in, and it’s not even full inside. 3. It can take 20 minutes to get a drink at the bar. 4. The music is 50% good 50% bad. One moment you’ll be singing your heart out to Queen then 2 seconds later you’ll be standing there listening to the most obscure song in the world.’ This post written by Julio Joffily and is not the only bad review, many of them popped up after searching the venue up online although, it’s mixed with many good to okish reviews.

Changing over the basement venue and introducing a modern refurbishment last August, the Roxy is determined to keep going by completely changing their style. Modele events team went along for the Key at Roxy on March 30th 2019 to see if these reviews were honest when validating the collapse of this venue.

Being pleasantly surprised the venue was bursting with colour with the introduction of neon pink lights and more modern day features, walking down into the blushing rose rooms the music was loud and very much typically hip-hop related. As expected the crowd was full of young party seekers, most being young 20s the vibe was a complete student union extravaganza.

Our Modele events team decided to wonder around to find the DJ table to be one of the smallest on our record. Being the size of a tiny dog cage the decks managed to produce a high quality sound which everyone was more than happy to jam out to.

The venue has 10 DJs overall which all rotate and take turns in performing on the night. Sean (pictured below), one of the Roxy’s well known DJs spoke to Modele’s events team stating ‘kids have much more of a diverse music taste, and people are much more open with their music taste. It’s harder but much more rewarding now when you get people dancing’. Sean started performing as a DJ when he was 19; being within London’s nightlife scene since 2009 he’s beginning to see the Roxy develop into a student orientated venue. ‘You wanna give people what they want, but essentially if your just like a jukebox, people have Spotify and stuff they can stay at home, its finding a balance between giving people what they want a mixing in stuff people might not know, it’s a difficult balance’ Sean underlines how tricky the nightclub scene finds it when matching genres to certain event nights and finding the perfect audience to match those.

Kirsten Raphael (pictured below) a medical student who DJs at the Roxy says ‘it’s like a snowball effect; once there’s one group of people who comes and feels comfortable here more people will come. What could work at the Roxy is putting one foot in the door with universities and organising collaboration nights.’ This pinpoints the angle that the Roxy are demonstrating right now in order to draw more young party-seekers to their events.

After spending a couple of hours at the event it was clear to see that the Roxy are sure trying to accommodate students to the best of their ability, and students really vibed that. Everyone our events team spoke to had something good to say about the venue making the bad reviews seem like a Chinese whisper away. The dance circles on the dance floor were ongoing with some very talented movers the floor was packed with hip-hop wannabies and show offs. It worked a treat.

Grace Marshall (pictured above, left) 20 year old student from UAL applauded the venue nonstop, ensuring she came to the venue ‘nine times in a three month period’ it was clear students had already been feeling a night out at the Roxy. ‘Even if it’s empty, you know it’s still going to be a good night. The atmosphere of it even if it’s not busy, its small it doesn’t feel like were in an empty club because it feels like a bar. We know all the people here and we feel incredibly safe.’ These gleaming opinions on the venue grant success among students of the city making the Roxy stand out among the nightclub scene of London.

From a positive refurbishment, a complete change of way and clear signs of attracting students, the Roxy is sure to fly high on the nightclub scene in the city. This basement bar and nightclub is a venue anyone in London is able to enjoy.

Photographers Miles Moss and Freddie Russell

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