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The Pit Magazine Launch

Pit Magazine launched its warm sunny and delicious welcome at the Ace Hotel, in East London in May 2 2019. The jam-packed venue attended by foodies of all ages tried out the range of delicious taster dishes on offer.

The Pit Magazine delighted visitors with scrumptious and enticing chicken wings, mouth-watering and delightful vegetarian grills made with Mediterranean vegetables and delectable summer salads with distinctive ideas of mixing savoury vegetables, fruits and cheese. Pit collects outstanding and sometimes uncommon recipes from global cuisine talking to experienced chefs from a range of international back grounds.

“We had no idea you could mix melon in a salad and it is just so refreshing and lovely. I just got an idea now. I mean I tried to use melon before but it was all too runny and it was never so beautiful like this” Says Tina, a university student attending the launch.

The tempting snacks kept coming with the venue was getting busier as the barman offered refreshing elder flower cordials and gin cocktails. Pit magazine was ready to be distributed, with the founders Helen Graves and Holy Catford earnestly looking after the guests.

“Pit is about breaking the stereotypical images of the British BBQ. That picture of a wet day and uninteresting food is something we are getting away from. Pit is about the fine dining of the BBQ genre. We talk to the best chefs and we bring stories and ideas from all over the world.” Informs Holy Graves the Chief Editor of Pit Magazine.

“BBQ is not just about food, it is a platform to bringing people together, cooking together, having fun, sharing thoughts. One doesn’t have to be a good cook or even have any cooking experience to enjoy Pit. There are lots of different ideas and stories in the Pit. Anyone can pick and mix concepts explained in the Pit and have a fun party without the stress and can still enjoy the finest food”.

Ms Graves an established writer and editor observed that there was a lack of awareness that BBQ is a lifestyle in many parts of the world and creating great recipes is been a cultural norm and practice in many countries hence there was a need of Pit in UK. She pitched the idea to Holy Catford, the Art Director of Pit and in April 2017 Pit magazine was born. “It’s about the culture and history behind the BBQ that we want to bring forth” Catford explains.

"There were a few things we realised we were missing in UK. BBQ is seen as a masculine and male orientated world where women just don’t tread in and it can be intimidating to women. Helen and I are bringing female BBQ chefs in the public eye and we want to break free from this male dominated culture, you see there are not many female chefs in this area and we want to change that by introducing female role models and encouraging the readers."

“We are bringing stories from Morocco , Turkey and cultures which see BBQ as fine way of cooking and socialising and we aim to explore many more cultures and represent them”.

Photographer - Georgia Slack

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