The Modèle Self Love Valentines Day Gift Guide

Love comes in many forms, from partners to friends, but nobody is more important to show a little love to, than yourself. Valentines day is a time to celebrate, to shower yourself with affection and set aside a day just for you. Below we have collated a collection of the best, last minute, gifts, perfect for the occasion, grab a glass of wine, slap on Netflix and indulge with this mini self care gift guide.

LCD Self Love Care Box Self Love Design Club : Self Care Box

For an evening of self care, the box contains a range of beauty, skincare and fashion accesories to set a mood of tranquility and as the boxes name would suggest, self love, perfectly paired with a movie or a glass of wine. Partnering with a range of sustainable brands in keeping with LDC's core values, the box is also a great investment to support businesses making an investment to protect the environment.

Simply Noir

Supporting black owned businesses, Simply Noir houses a range of products from skincare, to fashion, to books. Treat yourself to a candle to create the atmosphere, wash cloths, to up your skincare routine, or even a bio degradable bamboo toothbrush, all from unique independent brands.

The Brownie God

With a taste to fit the name, Brownie God offers a visual and tasty delight of chocolate topped, sprinkle covered treats, personalised to order, because who doesn't love brownies?

Split a box, or keep them to yourself, because trust me you will want too!

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