The Hated Skateboards | 2019 tour

The Hated Skateboards, a London based streetwear organisation combining skateboarding and graffiti, kicking off their 2019 Hated tour on May 3rd and House of Vans, London at 6pm.

Founder of the Hated (below) who likes to keep his identity anonymous for branding reasons comments “We’re a graffiti group essentially and we’re all skateboarders so we put the two together and started making money. I think people are generally attracted to authenticity and they can tell what we are about. Now our website does numbers but we started off on Instagram”.

Tickets were available for free on the Hated and House of Vans websites when RSPV, having sponsorship from Patty & Bun, Duppy Share Rum the event filled every need.

The night started off with a skateboarding movie including all the footage that the Hated wanted to share, demonstrating their journey traveling to different places spreading the Hated name. Many skill-full skaters managed to grab a feature, the Vans movie theatre was filled with trick and flip enthusiasts.

The skate ramps were full to capacity, covered in skate decks and wheel sliding genius', boys barely the age of 10 were blending in with what looked like the professionals. Almost everyone was wearing the Hated merchandise showing the support and love for the authentic skate brand.

The set list consisted of Gemma, Traphouse, Da Fly Hooligan, XP, President T (above) and Scott Garcia with the first act being on at 8pm and the last one finishing at 12pm.

Josh (below), supporter of the night and organisation said that “my mate owns the company so I’ve just come through to support them, yeah I skate as well and yeah they are doing bits, you gotta help your friends out, plus music, beer, can’t go wrong really”.

For the skateboarding community of London the Hated is heavily influential and will keep pushing the authentic boundaries of the skate scene. Check out all their latest information on their website

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