The Fashion Illustration Drawing Awards

It's 2020 and let's start the year off with some opportunity, and, let's get excited for London Fashion Week in February - because there are ways you can be getting involved right now...

With the Fashion Illustration Drawing Awards, known as Fida. It is the world's first awards to promote fashion illustration and it's a great way to start the new year off - by putting your creative work forward and have it be critiqued by some of the best in fashion illustration and who knows... Maybe coming out of it with work that is award-winning.

Who should apply? Well, anybody and everybody. Whether illustration is a hobby, a career, something you hope to make into a career, if you're artistically trained, a student, or not at all. The only specification is bringing your talent - and that talent can be in the form of illustration, fashion designer, sculptor or painter.

These awards are a celebration of talent all over the world; to highlight what a major role fashion illustration plays in the industry. And to let the new flood in - new artists and new ideas.

The work of judge Nuno Da Costa

The awards are split into three categories which will help you decide which you should apply to and each one costs £38 to enter.

Firstly, the Commerical Illustration Award - for those who love luxury. The big brands. The magazine covers. This award is a chance for you to show off your work and that work should show a real understanding and skill for drawing. It can be on the subject matter of product images, makeup and the, previously mentioned, magazine covers; whether they have been published on a cover or not.

The work of judge Nuno Da Costa

Secondly, the Documentary Award. This award is for those who love to illustrate fashion in the moment. Whether it's on the streets, in the interesting style of passers-by, travelling - the fashion events and the changing fashions of different cultures or the immersive world of the catwalk. And for those with a social media presence; a more immediate and casual source of creativity.

The work of Francesco Lo Lacono

Finally, the Experimental Award. Now, this description will be rather short because they don't really know what they're looking for. The whole point is it's new and different. This artist must not conform to rules of image creation and rather pushes boundaries - be innovative, bold, weird or fantastical.

All the information and places to apply can be found here.

The work of judge Laura Laine

Fida was founded by illustrator, educator and artist Patrick Morgan RCA, who is also the head judge for these awards. Throughout this article, the works of some of the judges have been displayed, to inspire and to show the creative credibility that lies in the critiquing. There are seven judges, they shall be listed below with their respective work;

Ignasi Monreal - Gucci/Netflix/Dior/Louis Vuitton/Louboutin Gill Button - Vogue/Gucci/Dazed/Nicole Farhi Richard Haines - Prada/Dries Van Norten/Valentino Ugo Gattoni - Hermes/Ruinart/Pierre Frey Quentin Jones - Chanel/Nasa/Coach/Louis Vuitton/Victoria Beckham Laura Laine - Vogue Japan/Vogue Italy/Givenchy/Elle/The New York Times Javier Mariscal - Louis Vuitton/Barcelona Olympics/ Academy Award winner/ Gaudi Award 

These awards are a chance to have your work noticed by some of the best in the industry, and a prize of £1000 for the winner of each category.

The work of judge Nuno Da Costa

The winners will be announced at an event during London Fashion Week in February, an event that has yet to be confirmed by time or place. So, let's start the new year off with the optimism of success, or just actually doing something with all the creative work you've been piling up. You never know. Fida has created a space for artists within fashion to be appreciated and expanded upon but also points artists in the direction of a community set up for them. That should be something that is celebrated and supported.

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