Presenting an authentic and edited customisation of the Nike Air Force 1's The Edit Man London & ONE LESS GUN launched their footwear collaboration 'NikeAK47' customising the iconic trainers, adapted by notorious artist McCrow. The collection showcased at The Madox Club on February 13th, during London's AW20 Fashion Week.

Revealing the unique Air Force 1 AK47 range, the collection aims to raise awareness of gun violence, by removing guns from the street and transferring them into wearable desires. CEO of The Edit Man London; Moses Rashid speaks about the meaning of their new gun prevention sneakers; "If you look in it, its got a barcode. The barcode you can scan with your phone and it comes up with an AK47 gun, we have used real AK bullets onto every sneaker in all four colourways. The serial number is also on there of the gun that you've actually decommissioned".

The CDC says "36,000 Americans are killed by guns each year—an average of 100 per day". With means of changing this statistic, The Edit Man London & ONE LESS GUN combine to demolish gun violence and bring footwear alive by doing so.

Exclusively powerful there are only 47 pairs up for grabs via The Edit Man London website "there are only 47 pairs and number 47 is going straight into our exhibition in New York."

Staying true to Nike's signature sleek desgin, the collaboration has four different styles, "We tried to keep the silhouette as true to Nike as possible, but as you see we have created 4 versions; V1 with barcode and the bullets, V2 which I call the batmobile of sneakers which have bars across which are melted bullets, you take 8 guns off the streets wearing those ones. Then we have the clean versions which as V3 and V4."

All proceeds from the event, including art sales, have been donated to ONE LESS GUN to finance a gun destruction scheme in Africa and to support their pioneering educational program “AK – 47 Kalashnikov’s Dream”.

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