The Earth is Ours, or Tran Hung's Melodious SS21 "REVIVAL" Collection

Days weeks months years

flutter away, untamed, taking pieces of earth and oceans with them

the earth is ours

and yet it is never given back, and poetry lingers in its wake

Allow me to tell you of a barely born, yet already blossoming poem, an exquisite jewel you cannot truly turn away from : Tran Hung's SS21 Revival fashion collection. Luxurious, elegant, strong, it folds and unfolds with feathers and flows, with delicate yet intricate patterns to captivate our every glance.

In an echo of light and obscurity, between delicacy and color-block items, Tran Hung, a well-established Vietnamese luxury designer, makes it a firm point to create sustainable, breathtaking pieces on the high end of the fashion market. Ninety per cent of the raw materials used by the designer are ethically-sourced, like silk, and environmental friendly. Hung's effort to honor the planet stems from the observation that his own country struggles greatly when it comes to waste and has actually been listed as "one of the heaviest countries struck by global environmental waste in the world".

This simple observation has helped bring to life designs made from excess fabric, reinforcing and redefining minimalism and the sense of grandeur it brings upon fashion with sophistication and a unique take on design. To this day, Tran Hung is the only Vietnamese fashion brand working towards developing and ethical and sustainable fashion house. And what beauty sustainability and ethics can bring the world…!

A handful of pieces you would believe are life-size flowers blossom on shoulders and stomachs, on others, liquid metal molten into graceful drapes directly onto the models' body. With avant-garde designs coupled with flowing lines and delicately cut patterns, every piece in this new collection designed for both a male and female audience, almost exclusively sewn by hand, was made from fabric waste. The manual technique has reached such an advanced level for Revival that the use of machines was greatly minimised. Flowers carved in the fabric, silk, and of course organza as the designer's choice of material, all showcase strength and empowerment and have such an impact of the mind that it is impossible to forget their beauty. Would you have imagined that decency could be so elegant ?

In the short Fashion film spotlighting each and every one of the pieces of this truly uplifting Revival collection, many are the bottles, paper chutes and other plastic bubbles used in the background to be their own character, giving further depth and tune to an already magical collection, the inspiration for which was established in 2016. Dreamlike yet powerful, as are the feminist women that make up the independent, free, strong entourage of Hung and are yet another inspiration for this SS21 collection.

Bringing this collection forward on the scene of the London Fashion Week is a stepping stone for the designer, hopefully for the Vietnamese fashion industry and to a further extent for the whole of fashion industry in terms of waste awareness and behavior change. It also shows the world that waste can indeed, revive our most graceful traits, even in one of the most wasteful industries.

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