The Blossom | Debut EP 'Bleeding Buttercup' Q&A

Sydney-raised, LA-based, The Blossom, today shares her debut EP, 'Bleeding Buttercup'. Featuring her hit singles 'Bored Baby Blues', 'Wish You Well' and 'Kill My Mind', 'Bleeding Buttercup' is an exceptionally vulnerable release from an artist who, since sharing her first single at the start of the year, has honed a signature and distinct style - one that's both romantic and cinematic. In a Modèle interview below, we uncover The Blossoms journey into music and how her latest EP was formed.

"The LA artist takes ‘bedroom pop’ to its highest form" - Document Journal

The EP includes six blissful tracks, The Blossom (Lily Lizotte), not only distills the sounds of bedroom pop but also lives inside it, using the genre to explore the emotional and mental terrain of that private micro-world where, unbeknownst to the outside world, so much transpires. Composing dreamy shoegaze, guitar-driven indie, skittering, contemporary hip-hop-influenced pop production, and Lila's multilayered approach to vocals, The Blossom's music is characterized by a simmering restraint and a sense of quiet but passionate intimacy that belies the fact that nestled inside every line hides a potential hook. 

To get even more vulnerable on her debut EP, The Blossom turned to her father, Australian musician Mark Lizotte, to produce many of the tracks on the EP. Speaking to their connection, Lily says: "I've written and collaborated with many talented strangers and close friends, but I always gravitate towards my Dad. I think it is because, ultimately, he understands my pain more than anyone, he knows my truth so much it hurts."

Describe your journey into music?

I started singing when I was a little kid and picked up the guitar really young. I loved The Cure and Elliot Smith and would be inspired by any CD i could steal from my older brother or anything i could download on hotnew hiphop and datpiff. I learnt how to download and find music on myspace and blogs super young. 

What it was like growing up in Sydney?

Sydney was a lush and beautiful place to grow up, i was often running around at the beach in the long and sweltering summers, that left a lot sun kisses, scars and bruises from jumping off rocks, climbing trees and chasing boys. I grew up fast and was always dreaming, sneaking out of the house, watching sun-rises and going to a lot of music festivals and raves. I wasn't concerned with what anyone else was doing, i kind of just created my own little world to live through. I think i was drawn to anything that was escapism and still am.

Explain your experiences being a female artist in LA? 

Being a female artist in LA is super gratifying and i feel so supported and close to my community of other artists here. I have a lot of other young women who are close friends and moved here to sink their teeth into whatever creative project they’re doing, so sometimes the often isolating landscape of LA can be daunting but having them really keeps me grounded and inspired.

How do you distinguish individually in your music?

For me individually is about intention and energy. I guess my sound production wise, is like a hybrid of shoe-gaze and indie punk like influences and then trap and rap. I think i genre-bend a lot of different sound palettes i love and muse from, but theres a cohesive energy with all the tracks im writing at the moment. 

What motivates you when creating music?

Honestly being inspired by my perpetual and lustful chase for anything that feels good. Creating is super addictive to me, its the only thing that makes me feel worthwhile and fills my belly… its like nourishment for me. If i didn't write music i think i don't think i'd be able to emotionally function. 

With your latest EP just dropping, what are you conveying with this release?

This debut EP is just about releasing something that came out of my bedroom, is fully homegrown and feels natural and true to myself. It’s an introduction, and i feel really excited mostly to share with my friends.

What are the main things that inspired you while making this debut EP?

Lately i’v been inspired by my friends and the observations of old and new scars. Feelings that are left to thaw out and mostly just my relationship with myself..growing up and experiencing anxiety, depression, growing pains.. 

Describe the behind the scenes process of your latest EP?

I usually start writing a song on my iPhone, if i hear a melody, then at some point il pick up my guitar and start thrashing out an idea.. then il build on that, grab some 808’s… its all really fast and instinctual, i dont ever labor over ideas.. i follow my gut and just go with whatever im swaying towards.

Tell us what your favourite tracks in the EP are, why?

I think “bored baby blues” because i wrote that with Jessica Winter, who’s a sick producer and over all angel, we met for the first time writing that song together and i think thats a weird and special thing to meet for the first time and do that. Its like a burst of energy and it feels really dreamy and healing for me to play. 

Where do you see yourself & your music in 2 years? 

Thats a hard thing to answer….I dream a lot about just getting to tour non-stop. Right now the world is so uncertain and im just reaching for little joys every day to stay in the “present” and keep supporting my creative friends and continue to share with anyone who wants to listen. To many anyone feel anything from my music is all i could ask for. I’m thinking about how to get through today and tomorrow.. its a weird time to be alive, so im just thankful im here today. 

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