The Blossom | 'Bored Baby Blues'

Yesterday Sydney-raised, LA-based singer; The Blossom released her latest dreamy track "Bored Baby Blues". The Blossom presents a girly genre mix of shoegaze and skittering, bedroom-pop and trap-influenced production. The chorus on "Bored Baby Blues" begs to explode yet always pulls back, holding out until the last minute when distorted guitars and choral backing vocals rupture the song’s pensive yearning. Organising the music video for "Bored Baby Blues" from isolation with her family, The Blossom proves creativity can be found anywhere!

The Blossom (Lily Lizotte) was raised in Sydney, Australia grappling with the sense of identity as both a daughter of a Southeast Asian immigrant trying to fit into a majority white Australian culture as well as navigating the precarious terrain of coming out as queer. With a creative blessing of both parents as artists, Lily found writing and singing about her struggles with anxiety, depression, and more, to be an act of cathartic release. Lily started putting out experimental pop singles as Lila Gold, garnering praise from i-D, triple J, Clash, Milk, and landing her on stage supporting Empress Of, Wafia, among others. Now based in Los Angeles and coming into her own, Lily is ready to embark on her next chapter under her latest project, The Blossom.

The accompanying "Bored Baby Blues" video brims with nostalgia, almost making it feel like a private documentary and tapping into the same grainy, cut-and-paste aesthetic as The Blossom's recent "Wish You Well" video. The Blossom again partnered with NY-based creative and editor, Dani Aphrodite, for the visual; this time while quarantined on opposite sides of the world. Produced with Warp Publishing's Jessica Winter (The Horrors, Gorillaz), “Bored Baby Blues” is one of several songs born from Lily’s recent studio residency with Future Classic. “The night I filmed this footage to send to [Dani], I had finished my 2-week solitary quarantine after flying from LA to SYD, and it was the first day I’d been reunited with my family or even left the bedroom. I went for a bike ride and a joy ride with my dad when the sun was setting and he filmed me on his iPhone. As I felt the rush of the wind, hanging out the window of the car like a dog, there was still some sort of lonesome and uncertain energy surrounding me. Nonetheless, I felt “free” for that whole couple of hours we biked around my childhood neighbourhood, now quiet and dead-still”. - The Blossom

Later this month The Blossom is set to release her debut EP "Bleeding Buttercup" including six of her best track so far! "Bored Baby Blues" is the last single to be shared from her EP, a promising body of work that's both romantic and cinematic: HD, widescreen with the static cutting through.

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