The 9th Future Fabrics Expo

Fashion accounts for 10% of the world's CO2 emissions - more energy than the aviation or shipping industries combined. A precarious sentence to write for a fashion magazine. However, Future Fabrics Expo is back from the 29th to the 30th January at Victoria House, and they are showcasing the newest materials to help fashion become more sustainable... More sustainable without the fashion suffering - fear not, this is a room is full of fashion lovers.

Future Fabrics Expo is the world's largest showcase of sustainable fabrics which are available commercially. Do you want to create a leather jacket that's vegan? They can help with that. A waterproof coat without using toxins? They can help with that too. Or use yarn made from food waste? They've got you. This is about fabric buyers and fashion designers partnering with the companies on display to evolve fashion.

But, fashion has already evolved a little and this is also an event to learn from, as mentioned before; you want to create a vegan leather jacket? This event helps you find the material, with the sustainability information, environmental certifications, and contact details of suppliers. And you're able to ask all the questions you have about how to use the material with leading experts.

This event is one of incredible creativity, there is an 'innovation hub' showcasing new designs to help the fashion industry. Such as Desserto the vegan leather made from raw prickly pear; grown in Mexico on an organic plantation without pesticides, fed only by rainwater, and only cutting the plants leaves so it can continually regrow. But it's not just them, Ecovative, Natural Fiber Welding and Nova Kaeru also produce vegan leathers - there are many to fit your specific garment needs. (The vegan leathers have to be mentioned after it was discussed so heavily in the introduction!)

Circular Systems is turning food waste into yarn and textile fabrics, whilst Piero D'Angelo is working on a project that could change couture forever - whereby people can grow their own outfit and be wearing a living organism.

But if that is all too radical then there is Vertile, who are producing high performance, natural, all-weather cotton textile. Not a radical change, but enough change to make sure your clothing is reliable and eco-friendly.

And there are many more companies!

There is so much to explore, and if you work in the fashion industry, a fashion student or just want to change your buying habits this event is open to everyone from 9:00am to 6:00pm, with tickets sold here.

This event proves that sustainability doesn't equal something tame or boring. Ironically, there is a lot that is excessive about sustainability in fashion - I mean, excessive in creativity, flair and design ... All the things that matter in fashion. But there is no excess in waste or CO2 emissions. This event helps to preserve our planet but also preserve our love of fashion, by showing fashion a way to survive in our changing planet.

Photos courtesy of The Sustainable Angle.

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