Taylor Yates | AW20

The beauty behind a Taylor Yates bag lies in the craftmanship, refined, structured and conceptualised to represent a sophisticated aura of abstract minimalism.

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Karen and Ellen Yates, the brands core values ensure a strong familial presence, a factor apparent within each collection. The warmth behind this bond is perfectly presented this season, enhanced through the addition of two new shades to the brands iconic colour palette, AW20 introduces rich Mocha and earthy Forest hue. “We now have 7 colours in our palette, Petrol, Plum, Black, Storm, Ice and our 2020 additions Mocha and Forest.”

Behind the artistry lies a complex concept for AW20, each bag is personified, a representation for Bessie, Doris and Mavis, women who guided designer Karen Yates. “The attitude of these women inspired the essence of the Taylor Yates brand and they continue to inspire us throughout our design process. Bessie, Doris and Mavis were always doing something, creating, working hard and looking after their family - they all had a purpose and their own unique style. Like these women, each style in our collection has unique characteristics, but they are all related through their understated, timeless style”.

Designed in Ireland, inspiration is drawn from the rich natural elements found on the Northern Coast, “We live in a beautiful part of the world; we are very lucky to have such a wild and wonderfully rich coastline right on our doorstep. Every day we are inspired by the constant power of nature. The fluidity of waves inspires the shapes of our bags - from their soft structure and tactile material choice. Our colour palate is also inspired by the muted tones found in the sea, sky and land and how they continually change with the weather.” Evoking a warm sentimentality associated with home and family, a Taylor Yates bag forms a powerful bond between designer and wearer, much like the one held between the powerful duo behind the brand. Each bag offers an addition of understated design, layered upon luxury aesthetics for the wardrobe.

Offering sustainability from the production process to materials, including leather sourced as a by-product of food production, naturally biodegradable. Taylor Yates demonstrates a shift into environmental fashion, an example for the industry. “We consider people, planet and purpose in every decision we make from the initial design and for the life of the product. We analyse each design and constantly ask ourselves is it beautiful and does it have purpose? If the answer is yes, then we continue to develop the idea, considering the environmental and social impact our products will have and always searching to improve and find innovative solutions.”

Taylor Yates brand proudly holds the The Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, a symbol of recognition for the brands company- wide commitment to ensuring sustainability. “We are unique to other bag designers because we design with purpose, to change lives and protect the planet by making beautiful things for people to love. Each bag is designed with this beautiful purpose in mind. We don’t design a collection based on seasons or trends but rather we focus on personal style and colours so our customers will love them for life.”

‘It takes determination, resilience and a lot of hard work to be in any business today and I was reminded of the strong Lancashire women that guided me and gave me the freedom to choose.’ – Karen Yates

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