Taura | 'Stay At Home'

On June 5th alt-pop, R&B songstress Taura released the official music video to her track 'Stay At Home'. In light of all of the world-crisis, Taura has decided to donate 50% of proceeds from the track: 25% to the Black Lives Matter movement and 25% to the NHS. The music video is a 90’s inspired throwback that gives an insight into Taura’s personal living space, fitting the title of the track.

"June 5th was a release date set weeks ago for this track, and as an independent artist, I don’t really have the power to move it. I also came to the conclusion that moving it would almost be worse, and would be an act of self-denial, believing that racial injustices will not still be occurring every day in the very near future. I do however have the option to put the further education I have been met with over the last week to do at least some good, so I will be donating 50% of all profits to charity.” - Taura

"If you are a fan of Solange this might actually speak to you.” - NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION

Being the full and only force behind her music Taura is a talent to be reckoned with, as singer and multi-instrumentalist, not only does she solely write her music but she produces her tracks entirely herself - doing the girls proud in a male dense profession! 

Taura speaks about the inspiration behind the track - “When I wrote ‘Stay At Home’ we had already been in lockdown for about a month and I was starting to feel really uninspired, so I decided to try and take a positive spin on the idea of staying in. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited for this to be over and to be out of quarantine, but there were definitely times before COVID, where going out felt like a chore. This song is about those nights in ‘normal life’, (when you don’t miss your friends like crazy) and you have the choice to go out but you know you’d have more fun at home.”

“Sultry and smoky piece of pop-minded R&B with touches of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa thrown into the effortlessly stylish mix” - COMPLEX

Taura also explains “I wanted the video to encapsulate the most romanticised idea of ‘home’, enough to entice someone to never want to leave, as the song suggests. We had 4 scenes showing each room of the house, all with a glamorised 90s style to fit the hints of 90s music inspiration throughout the song. The song is a chilled, sexy, love song, and this is the vibe we wanted to portray throughout the video. Considering all these things, I think having no choice but to shoot this from home was a blessing in disguise!”

'Stay At Home' is another clear example of Taura's musical expertise, her debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’ was released on January 9th, completely independently and quickly amassed just shy of 500,000 streams.

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