T.R.O.Y | Exubberating energy & 'The Different Tapes Vol 2'

Establishing a natural super-star persona fresh-faced 17-year-old T.R.O.Y from New York has been hitting up London's underground music scene with his authentically on-point rap and lyrical abilities. After moving from the USA T.R.O.Y has grown his sound using many musical ranges and personal cultural appreciations. Creating new project 'The Different Tapes vol 2' T.R.O.Y is keen to delve deeper into the UK's music scene.

Throwing his music 'outta the box' T.R.O.Y's sound is a unique mix of UK and USA rap "I think to describe my music as just rap is too simple. I think that because I produce too I try and include elements from all types of music from soul to RnB to a little bit of rock in my latest project, I try to push the boundaries as much as possible." With musical inspirations from all over the globe, T.R.O.Y's music is pulling every inch out of every musical scene possible "Being from New York I pull certain elements from there into my music, being in the UK also inspires my music, being immersed in the culture I've picked up some useful things." Heart set on many USA rappers T.R.O.Y still keeps his favourite icons close to home "Big inspirations of mine come from artists like J Cole, J.I.D, Kanye because I want to include more soul into my music also I'm really into gospel just like him".

Establishing a track from the harmonising beat to the meaningful lyrics comes so naturally to the 17-year-old musical genius "Honestly for me when making music I take the melody first, sometimes I'll make them myself and sometimes I'll take them from sites like Splice etc. Then I use that beat to catapult the rest of the song about how I feel, I always make to beat first before the lyrics, then what usually happens is I'll be on like a train somewhere and I'll just think of a really dope line, so I write it. I have a folder on my phone that's 'Ideas Unfinished' then when I make the beat I go to the folder find the lines and mix it." Putting his all into every song delivered it's not ignored that his passion for rap is outstandingly strong "I feel like to have a dope song you have to have a dope beat, dope lyrics and they need to combine! Cuz you could have a catchy song with ok lyrics that may not matter but to have something that sicks that's a good track that people will remember it has to be 50/50 it cant be any other way".

Drawing emotions into his music alongside traditional rap techniques from both the UK and the USA T.R.O.Y delivers a sound that's new in the scene "My lyrics are a combination of puns and my personal experiences in life, and drawing from emotion I'm an emotional person so I want to make my tracks have feeling." With massive growth on T.R.O.Y's side, there's no doubt people have been talking about the new New York kid on the block "My project in March 'Thin Line' had 5k streams and my current project 'Different' which is at 25k, so I think this summer has pushed me, I've been going to events non-stop, networking, going crazy like it was my last chance to make music and I guess this is the outcome of it."

Rounding up as many gigs over the summer period T.R.O.Y is obsessed with performing "I love performing! If you see one of my shows I always make sure I give the most energy because the thing is I go to school, right? I'm not getting to perform all the time because I can't be there all the time so I make sure when I get a show and I'm able to go I make sure I'm not wasting time. I get such a high from performing it's my favourite, to get such a high from your music, making people feel good, smiling... it is a drug. I see why artists get egotistic and wrapped up in themselves cuz I'm imaging this and I'm only having this and I'm only having like 200 people come through so I can't imagine what it's like for 20k".

Combining more culture in his music T.R.O.Y is channelling his teenage memories within upcoming projects "There's so much talent in Kenya, living there for three years I saw so much which people don't see, artists like Burna Boy. I wanted to make sure I project that in my upcoming music, I've got lines in there I defiantly wanted to make sure that's it imminent." Producing two inter-linked EPs T.R.O.Y indicates his heightened musical development "The latest EP 'Different' is already out, the next thing I've been working on is called 'The Different Tapes vol 2' coming out early October, what I wanted to do is continue what I was doing with the first one but make it so much better, over the last couple of months I've been making so much music, I'm going to widdle it down to about 10 tracks, its crazy and I can't wait to release it." Not only will T.R.O.Y be pushing his new music, his merchandise clothing line is available for purchase, including his album artwork printed on street style fabrics "Its super dope, I have different hoddies etc but the main part of the line is the brown uni-sex hoddie. Its golden brown with the cover on it and the cover matches the hoddie so well, dark chocolate exuberating energy matching my music."

Watch T.R.O.Y perform his unique rap mixtures in London on October 5th with All White RBE Music Showcase 3 at Amershams Arm, New Cross Road. Tickets can be purchased here.

Photography by Izzy Clark

Thanks to Colton Trudell & HitRun Studios

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