Suzanne Moxhay | Photography of the subconscious​

The James Freeman Gallery presents Suzanne Moxhay with an photography exhibition of interiors, however these are not the decorative rooms of a building - but perhaps, the interior of the subconscious. Moxhay explores the line between interior and nature, reality and the surreal - a tight rope balance - within a collection titled ‘Conservatory.’

'Hothouse' Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag, 2019

Moxhay’s photographs of interiors are layered with antique paintings to create an entirely new scene - a scene of fantasy. The mixture of mediums gives the photographs a softened and romantic styling; raising the question of the reality of these pieces, for these are photo collages - so the places photographed do not exist… James Freeman Gallery describes this exhibition as "a method of working that fabricates an emotion as much as a scene, channeling a sense of nostalgia with a magical air.”

'Palms' Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag, 2019

The exhibition is inspired by the short story ‘Entropy’ by Thomas Pynchon, in which a character creates a jungle-like climate in his apartment, despite the raging realities all around him.The photographs show hallways, fireplaces and staircases, abandoned and forgotten as nature crawls back in - reclaiming, as it were. But they capture more than a just a scene, there is a romantic narrative in them of our feeling and thoughts - what we project onto the ordinary through our subconscious.

This is an exhibition based on personal responses and thrives on the unexplained - to let the observer intertwine their own memories with the photographs, and make a story from them. There is a charm to them, like a child running through the rooms and imagining jungles to play in. Some of the photographs are photopolymer etchings which gives greater depth and mystery to the work - as if they are historical pieces.

Rockery' Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag, 2019

The photography collection comes with an ‘Artist’s Book’. A concertina book; photographs of a building that does not conform to layout nor foundation, but instead creates the illusion of endlessness - bringing her photographs into a 3D form, and better representing her fantastical labyrinth.

'Hybrid' Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag, 2019

Moxhay has created an enchanting, fairytale world. You might be nervous, to imagine, wandering through these interiors or you might find it exciting, peaceful even.

There is fluidity to her interiors; always a staircase spiralling out of view, a door left open and we glimpse the room beyond… Or a mirror and we see a reflection… Or do we see another world inside? It could represent the endlessness of our thoughts and need for answers - or perhaps the journey of life - plunging ahead as the room fades back to nature.

'Clearing' Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photorag, 2019

Moxhay studied painting at Chelsea College of Art and then graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools in 2007. Her work enchanting work held in many collections, such as the University of the Arts Collection, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Cooper Union New York and Oxford University.

Find her latest exhibit ‘Conservatory’ until September 21st 2019.

James Freeman Gallery

354 Upper Street



N1 0PD

'Open Window and Rain' Photopolymer Photogravure, Editions of 15, 2019

'Room with Palm Wallpaper' Photopolymer Photogravure, Editions of 15, 2019

'Stairway with Vegetation' Photopolymer Photogravure, Editions of 15, 2019

Written by Caroline Louise Hamar.

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