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Sub Blue | Confessions of a Suburban Artist

Liverpools local talent Sub Blue has already been championed by a diverse set of influential platforms, performing a genre of Suburban blues to R&B with a sprinkle of Soul. Having over 12,000 monthly Spotify listeners, the artist offers a fresh take on chilled out, alternative introspective R&B vibes. Performing a number of sessions on Signature live, BBC 1xtra, Rinse FM and 6 Music, debuting his 2018 EP album ‘Suburban View’ with the popular single hit ‘Hype Like Supreme’.

Receiving credible media and influencer support from titles as diverse as Complex, Earmilk, and The Line of Best Fit, the artist has amassed over half a millions streams, appearing on playlists including Spotify’s UK New Music Playlist Friday, Chilled Pop Hits and Spotify & Chill. Sub Blues 2019 EP features a plethora of UK talent, including Grime MC Manga Saint Hilare, and KC off DIY collective Last Night in Paris.

His self described genre of 'Suburban Blues' combines the lifestyle of the artist alongside a gentle fusion of the blues genre, incorporating a narration of thick and thin moments he has concurred with staunchly friendships. "I’m telling stories about myself and my friends and the things that we go through, I guess growing up in the suburbs a lot people assume that we have life easy". With an open-minded personality, his charisma is reflected within his music adroitly, forming personal stories into lyrics and rhythms "I always want to tell my story in the most detail, I think as an artist you should always be vulnerable that’s how people connect with you".

Setting himself apart from other artists, the stories he presents through his music provide an insight into an unseen side of the suburbs, "I think the story I’ve created is different, there aren’t that many artists telling the story of suburban kids and their struggles". experimenting with beats, exploring lyrics and working on his individual sound the artist provides a unique stance in the industry. "I think my story is what sets me apart and also the fact I’m quite experimental; I spent a lot of time working on my craft and being quite selective in the topics that I write about and in terms of sounds".

Facing challenges when defining his sound, the artist has risen rapidly building an international following and fanbase “It’s pretty crazy that your music can reach so far in such a short space of time, the internet is a cool place.” Seeing his career blossom and grow has been a highlight for the upcoming artist in Liverpool "I think the the community and the support from so many grass root platforms, the LIMF Academy has helped me so much in helping me build my career".

His latest project “Wilfully Blind” chronicles the stories of the people around him inspiring the lyrics and songwriting process of the album "I had a few people around me who were going through some things so I think that inspired the songwriting of the project". Moving forward in his career the artist is set to tour across the country, delivering his unique sound to fresh ears "Hoping to release a few more singles and hopefully go on a national tour, I also really wanna look into doing another merchandise release, we did on last year and it sold out almost instantly which was crazy".

"I wanted to tell the story of my peers in its purest form." - Sub Blue

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