Studio Pia | AW20

The AW20 Studio Pia collection sees the world of fine arts and couture meet luxury lingerie; with inspirations from the florals of Henri Rousseau delicately embroidered into sheer cut-outs and 24k gold clasps lined down the spine.

In a presentation with Lone Design Club, surrounded by exotic flowers and jungle verdure, these garments showcase the exoticism and rarity of female pleasure.

Pia Conaghan is the lingerie know-how goddess. To put it plainly. After becoming the designer in-charge for the darkly seductive Bordelle she established an elite clientele with garments worn by Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears. There was a serious demand for her to release her own lingerie brand and now, there is Studio Pia.

Studio Pia is the first sustainable luxury lingerie brand with every garment crafted from vegan peace silk, ethically sourced from Jharkhand, India. Her garments are to be treasured as unique, personal representation. A poignant factor in sustainability is to give our clothes more sentimental meaning, rather than just buying lots of 'what looks good'.

Pia designs the intricacy of pleasure around the female form, the way an architect might. Having built such a desired reputation within the Bondage Lingerie industry, Studio Pia still indulges that clientele. When garments are beautifully crafted with attention to detail it makes people take the same pride in their desires that the designer took in making these items. Her brand includes many vegan accessories such as harnesses, handcuffs, collars and pasties. This brand is for the elegant, sophisticated woman to embrace and explore her sexual desires without judgement nor sleazy stereotype. And every piece is an extension of that elegance.

The SS20 collection 'Aphrodite' that is currently available on the website takes inspirations from the Cyprus coast, with golden embroidery and pearl accents. In a colour palette of gold, pink and blue; based on the painting 'Pygmalion et Galatée’ by Anne-Louis Girodet. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation. And all of that is represented within the form of a powerful woman; that is the embodiment of Studio Pia.

You can explore this beautiful summertime collection here.

It's extremely exciting to see someone who has shown such a creative initiative throughout their career take the reins and start their own brand! Studio Pia is a woman designing lingerie for other women which gives it such a personalized feel - this is a space for women and the unapologetic fulfilment in their sexuality.

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