St-Henri | SS20

St-Henri presented their 2020 spring/summer collection as part of London Fashion Week Men's on the 8thJune 2019. The collection, entitled ‘Have you ever visited the heart cave?’ (or ‘Heart Cave’ for short) presented 14 looks in a dreamlike ‘fictional community of the odd.’ The presentation certainly encapsulated this almost surreal feeling, with models sat in two small groups; incense burned and loud base mixed with the sound of falling rain played into the room. This created a picture that wouldn’t be out of place at Burning Man.

There was a clear unification throughout the collection in terms of colour. Natural tones of creams, khakis and terracotta was offset with a faded neon yellow. The pairing seemed natural and complements one another and the creative director for the collection, Montreal- born designer Jean-Loup Leblanc-Roy, used the mix of colours alongside acid washing and overdyeing. ‘all translating a psychological trip onto each garment.’ The collection seemed to be telling a story of a group of renegades, rebelling against societies exceptions and becoming closer to nature by doing so.

The collection saw an interesting use of texture and silhouette. Slim fitting jeans contrasted with oversized jumpers worn over bear chests. A long, high-necked cream jumper hugging close to the body but with peasant style sleeves and worn over a modern take on the harem pant. An asymmetrical jacket worn over paper bag style flairs. There were so many elements within this collection that could have so easily felt old, but each one created with a twist, making everything feel modern and unexpected.

The styling was conducted masterfully by Erik Raynal. Each look was carefully put together, and there was obvious consideration when knowing when each look was complete. Some models wore shirts open over bare chests, others were wrapped up adorning scarfs or hats. One look consisted only of only a pair of plumb trousers, a thin matching scarf wrapped tightly around the model’s neck, beads draped low down the chest and sunglasses. With each look it was clear where the eye should be drawn, and this created a strong statement.

The collection, in all, felt like a modern retelling of the 1960’s. The fits, the fabrics, the silhouettes had a feeling of the familiar, but each piece had something new, something interesting that brought it forward and made it extremely relevant for the modern day. St-Henri also ensures that each piece of fabric is organic and responsibly sourced, just how luxury should be in 2019.

The collection was high quality, visually exciting, spiritual and truly held a ‘modern utopian aesthetic.’

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