Solo Jane | 'Why Me?'

Bristol singer-songwriter Solo Jane infuses R&B and trap with her newest compelling single 'Why Me?'. Her expressive songwriting infuses RnB, Trap and other genres, displaying her versatility not only in her style but also in her impressive vocal range.

Crafted with a bulletproof hook, Solo Jane’s compelling signature blend of sincerity on ‘Why Me?’ reveals the vocal strength she possesses in being able to deliver her vibrant messages. She says “The inspiration for 'Why Me?' came after a long week of constant let downs by close friends followed by the all too familiar excuses that come with them. Combined with that feeling of dread you feel when every move you make seems to be the wrong one. I guess I had finally reached my peak of frustration and anger”.

‘Why Me?’ deals with real life issues, and with a hard-hitting rap feature from Harts Hozé, they both deliver the lines as if they’re dictating what’s happening as it occurs. The vocals are minimal and mysterious – listeners can almost see the words floating around in the air, rearranging themselves until they make sense.

Summer 2019 saw the release of Solo Jane’s debut single ‘Games’ – a catchy and commercial RnB hit that had the crowd participating during her main stage performance at the historic St. Paul’s carnival in her home city. Solo Jane’s last feature with Drum and Bass producer Hillsdom, hit 200k streams respectively in the first week of release, on the UKF Youtube channel, Spotify and beyond. Solo Jane draws influences from soulful artists such as Kehlani, The Internet, Aaliyah and The Black Eyed Peas. 

“'Why Me?' is dedicated to anyone who ever feels that moment of ultimate annoyance that they just want to scream and go crazy! Whilst also understanding that although people may act in a way to cause hurt, and not every move you make will be the correct step forward, that in the end you will win and people’s actions won’t go unnoticed”, Solo Jane continued.

“Why Me?” is a track that will keep every music lover very excited and one people can’t afford to miss, with straight forward melodies that suck you right in, helping downhearted people to find hope through the music. Solo Jane’s attitude and energy culminate to make her one of the most promising emerging vocalists of 2020.

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