So Fresh So Clean takes hip-hop further throughout London’s venues.

Friday 12th of April marked the middle man of So Fresh So Clean’s hip-hop tour of London’s nightlife venues. These upcoming classic hip-hop and rnb event promoters are moving around London, hosting nightclub nights in the southside, eastside and westside of the city.

Having 5 events at beginning of the year starting at Brixton Jamm the popularity of the hip-hop event seemed high within the soutside. Once moving to the Paradise and Queen of Hoxton venues in the eastside and westside of London, So Fresh So Clean seem to be travelling the city blasting music until 2am in the morning.

Modele events team decided to check the April 12th event out at Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane in the westside. Tickets were on sale for £5 making the event very affordable. Arriving at the venue for 8pm, the restaurant area of the venue was still running giving it a pub like vibe which didn’t display much hip-hop.

Around 9.30pm the music started sounding more stereotypical London, syncing in tunes like Gold Digger and Cardi B's Bodak Yellow. Having two DJs perform simultaneously, one upstairs and one downstairs there was a hip-hop song everyone could dance to.

The venue Paradise gave many similarities to a Victorian dolls house with large rooms with elegant décor. Candles planted all around there was so much to interact with from old abandoned looking piano’s to 3D scare photos of the wall that change when you walk past them.

The polar opposite nature of the classic surroundings, gave a Woman in Black feeling that contrasted with the feel good atmosphere of the hip-hop rnb tunes wouldn’t normally seem to work or feel ‘right’, but it was so enchanting!

In one of Modele’s interviews with a L-Ro (picture below) the DJ from So Fresh So Clean’s promotion company she stated “these guys gave me one of my first breaks around 2 years ago and they are so good at like, running regular events. Both guys do their own things as well and I will stay loyal to them, they’ve given me a lot of really good opportunities as an underground artist.”

Wanting a larger insight into how to get yourself out there as an upcoming artist, L-Ro explains how important social media is when being recruited. “Instagram is quite a good networking tool, I definitely get a lot of connections through there, and it’s the hub of stuff for me”.

With hip-hop and rnb being a huge focus in London nightlife So Fresh So Clean continue to pull it out the bag in the southside and are really trying to expand their following in parts of the city like the westside.

Next event from to So Fresh So Clean team is back in the soutside at Brixton Jamm on Friday 3rd of May. Tickets are on sale for £5 first release. Be ready to have more inside information at the next event with exclusive insight into what So Fresh So Clean is about.  

Photography by Zara Hunter

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