Slovak Fashion Council | AW20

This season Slovak fashion council introduced its two latest talents into the London Fashion Week scene. 'Im Not A Robot' and 'Freier' presented their AW20 collections alongside each other in the form of an immersive airport experience for their BA>LDN presentation. Models adorned in the latest collections, held plastic airport trays filled with various items including iPhones, fabric, video tapes and photos.

Once again acting to improve the Slovak fashion industry, the council brings a fresh wave of culture to London, introducing new techniques, designs and concepts in the form of their two latest Slovak Fashion Council brands.

I am not a robot presented its debut collection this season, the group of three designers, Nora Čanecká, Erika Daxnerová and Barbora Jakubová, recent graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, represent the cohesion of creativity that was channelled into each capsule piece for this collection. "We would rather create pieces that stand by themselves that you can wear whenever you like, wherever you like".

Throughout the collection strong detailing’s add an additional edge to the everyday wearable pieces, embroideries and contrasting textile techniques add a subtle impact upon more delicate pieces, each garment designed to make a statement with the wearer. "we are trying to make sure that the techniques and processes come from Slovak tradition, like the embroideries".

Emotion is fused within the fabrics, the remanence of the diverse range of individuals who used their hands and minds to shape and craft the collection lingers, allowing for an emotional connection between the designer and wearer, a fitting message to relay for a brand titled ‘I’m Not A Robot’. "As we evolve the pieces we create also do, we put our personal messages into them, what’s important to us in that time and I think that’s nice to have that relationship with the clothing you make, for other people to create a relationship with it as well".

‘Freier’ inspired by the movie character Ellen Ripley from the classic movie ‘Aliens’ presented a collection with a strong uniform implication, represented through layered and tailored designs, the collection offers subtle notions towards the costumes of the designers muse, Ripley.

The uniform aesthetic is broken down and reimagined for their AW20 season offering a fresh take on the traditional aesthetic, 18 silhouettes are presented each one showcasing a transition through Ellen Ripley’s journey, using the graphic process of textile patterns.

Offering insight into the creative process behind the collection, designer Terézia Feňovčíková commented "I always works with my personal fascinations, however I try to add deeper meaning to those personal fascinations its always something from culture to important social issues". A signature technique that is carried within her latest AW20 collection.

Presenting the signature style of ‘Freier’ their AW20 collection offers a raw take on their primary concept, a story told through experimental cuts contrasted with disrupted styling.

The collection offers imperative visual details pulling each aspect together to form a interconnected visual of the dominant concept behind the collection, shown through the recognised techniques of the brand.

Photography - Sebastian Davies

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