Skatta & Yeti "Flavourz" | Modèle Q&A

Join Modèle in delving into the grime scene with Skatta & Yeti on their new EP "Flavourz", combining their creative minds in the upcoming London grime scene the pair are climbing the underground ladder. We talk to both Skatta & Yeti on how their latest EP "Flavourz" came into play and what it represents in London's immense grime scene. 

What's it personally like immersing in the UK's immense grime music scene? 

"There's nothing better really, doing music is something I've always had a big passion for... being a part of a culture creating and pushing my art, I've always followed grime but now I'm getting recognition inside there's nothing better I appreciate when people support my art!"

How exciting is it working alongside huge radio stations like Reprezent and Soho Radio

"It is very exciting. These radio stations have a long history in supporting UK music which always reminds me that this game is about the long term, there is no overnight success. On the other hand, visiting radio stations and having your music played on-air is all part of the process of building our reputation and fanbase but it's not just about the hype. We met some committed and hardworking individuals and I find it important to surround yourself with like-minded people. You are as strong as your team is. Simple as that."

When you got nominated for the Urban Music "Ones to Watch" award how did you feel? 

"We were gassed! It was the first-ever award nomination we got for the work we have put in. I wasn’t even thinking about winning, to be honest, I was just hyped to think about all the opportunities that this can lead to. We met loads of industry figures and artist at the awards show, that was the real value in it for me."

What inspired you guys to come together and create the collaborative EP 'Flavourz"? 

"Flavourz is so relevant these days, the inspiration was just there instantly, we met at BBC amplify in 2017, then we linked up early 2018 in Jan and then by May/June the project was ready to go."

Out of the six tracks within the EP which was the most fun to produce and develop? 

"It was from "Style And Trend". I made the beat with a really good friend of mine, DJ Edsik in Roubaix, Lille. On that weekend when I got back to London from France, I sent Skatta the beat and he had the idea straight away, let’s call it “Style And Trend” he said and it is about trainers and garments. I loved the whole concept from the beginning and the rest is history."

What was the main overall theme in the latest EP "Flavours"? 

"Flavourz is so relevant these days, Grime music, Fashion, Current situations, Streetlife it was a mix of the street and business... It's all about Flavourz man!!!! On the real, every song is a creative moment captured, sometimes it's fun, sometimes it is a bit deeper but we made sure that it reflects us, how we live, what we have been through and what we envision for the future. You need to speak it into existence right!?"

Will you both continue to collaborate with more artists and each other? 

"Yeah I'm sure we will continue, I am open to working with more artists at the same time, I have been really busy recently finishing up my EP with various collaborations across the world produced by breaks the project titled "Cinema Ticket" which won emerging artist fund, I've been working on a few releases with DJ KDubz so expect an EP with him as well. The only way forward is to help and work with your peers!!!"

Favourite fan responses from the new EP? 

"We've had a lot of love worldwide from this ep, but I've had responses saying is relatable, inspiring person, I motivate them, my talent is unreal, people always saying they can't wait to see me on bigger things in the future... they know I'm gonna make it, never stop and I always get asked when/where are your next shows and stuff like that really."

Are you looking to tour with 'Flavourz" is yes, where? 

"We have had a mini-tour so far we've played in Berlin, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Roubiax, Atlanta, London, Coventry, Birmingham but it would be dope to tour Flavourz in the states and Asia like japan and more spaces in Europe."

What's next in both of your musical grime careers? 

"Everything is coming at a million miles an hour so stay tuned for my upcoming projects, obviously, at the same time, we will be stepping up our music production game, keep recording tracks, working with a variety of artists and keep it music, keep it busy!"

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