• Eloise Kirton

simon a. | "Way To Go" EP

Coming from the animated area of Walthamstow, East London, up and coming songwriter, producer and vocalist simon a. has perfected the art of combining multiple genres to create a beautifully intricate sound which further resonates with you after each listen. Channelling an aura that could be associated with music from artists such as Frank Ocean and BROCKHAMPTON, simon a. has recently released his debut EP “Way To Go”. The EP consists of five flawlessly unbent tracks that are composed of shaded vocals and vivid backbeats that accolade each other entirely. “Way To Go” is made up from both new materials such as “In a Hall of Mirrors” and also of the singles that have been slowly teased over streaming platforms for the duration of the past year.

Surfacing from a creative background, simon a. combines his passion for art and music and takes his aesthetic as an artist seriously. Simon thrives in independently writing, producing and engineering his music and when asked about the passion behind his art he replied: “The ultimate goal is to convey certain messages and stories through the music, but it’s all one step at a time; at the moment it’s calm but there’s way more to come”.

Following the release at the end of May, “Way To Go” has already received outstanding critical acclaim from COLORS and CLASH MAGAZINE commenting on Simon’s “dynamic delivery” and skilful lyricism apparent throughout the whole EP. Worthy of the praise, we hope that the gift and aptitude shown by simon a. in “Way To Go” reflects the potential of his career as a multi-talented artist and has paved the way for more awe-inspiring projects.

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