Shoreditch Platform – Disco Fever funk style

Disco can be presumed as cheesy, la-de-da party music that you only treally to jam to when out with co-workers and people of profession. But, there’s a new way to experience these classic groove tunes as many London nightlife venues are opening up to it.

Shoreditch Platform,1 Kingsland Road is an extreme team player within the disco scene, bringing together modern techno tunes that rock the depths of your soul and feel good Travolta disco beats that takes you back to the 80’s. Tickets can be purchased online or on the door at very reasonable price, it’s usually open 3-4 days a week with many music genres played and events held.

Shoreditch Platform 22nd February 2019 Areoplanes disco set

The venue speaks for itself, being entwined with dark lined patterns and black and white cartoon characters you are so easily lost within the walls. The building is high with a twisted staircase forming from the bottom right to the top, it would be totally debilitating if a disorientated drunk party-goer accidentally took the wrong turn.

Modele's events team decided to roll along to Areoplane's disco set night on February 22nd 2019 and was pleasantly surprised with how much you can really get down when listening to disco. We purchased tickets online beforehand for £5, obviously from that we weren't certain on the success of the night.

Unknown party-goer indulging in the disco beats

Once in, we realised the place was empty!

Just as our feet were headed down the stairs out of the venue, back to our nice warm beds, Areoplane blasted FunkyTown by Mouth to Mouth which turned our heads in the opposite direction.More people flooded through the door brightening the hopes of the evening further. The vibe of the venue shifted, everyone was grooving along to disco’s golden tunes, with room to dance and sing the crowed were on an upbeat high.

Visual artistic cartoon patterns flooded the venue

From then it didn’t stop delivering, with fairly cheap drinks and many people on a happy spending spree the alcohol was flooding through party-goers veins everyone was on top form. Women in light denim jackets and shoulder swing bags giggled happily to their handsome indie boy co-workers. It was such an eye opener to how these real life party seekers fill the disco groove stereotype perfectly with all of them getting lyric to lyric right on every beat.

Shoreditch Platform overall is a great boogie night if you get lost in London’s night life with a reasonable entry fee it’s a key part in most drunken adventures during the weekend. If you want to expand your mind into the different levels of London’s party scene, boogieing to all genres all night long then Shoreditch Platform is the place to remember.

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