Seven Continents | Bringing You Couture from Across the World

'Seven Continents' brings you the latest high profile couture designers from across the world, with a sparkling and breath taking fashion show.

'Seven Continents' was launched in Cannes 2018 during the Cannes Film Festival, showcasing an eclectic mix of celebrated influential designers and film enthusiast, all manner of creative mediums representing seven continents. This season 'Seven Continents' is showcasing the work of 'In Couture', 'By Thaher', 'Nila Baharuddin' and 'Kartikeya.'

'In couture' is a Turkish fashion company which has found it's distinctive imprint on the world of evening dresses. Etablished by Ayman Alhamwi and Mohmmed Alselka in 2013, it has become an iconic haute couture company, with over one hundred areas of selling around the world. 'In Courture' describes themselves as "evening dresses specially designed for beauty, style and perfection". Their collection is inspired by the natural and feminine, transforming a person into their most attractive self to make an extraordinary impression wherever they go. Many pieces are inspired by traditional Turkish robes in black, with gold embroidery. This collection allows for the striking, defiant styling but also the soft and feminine, with pale pink gown of flowing chiffon.

'By Thaher' showcases 'The Private Collections' SS19, known for it's signature pieces with the Royals in the Middle East and celebrities. The collection is inspired by luxurious parties of the 1920s and the world of crystals that reflect women's bodies and personality. Founded by Thaher Baqer in 2012 'By Thaher' has participated in many fashion shows such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Doha and Kuwait Fashion Show. As you might expect from a collection focused on crystals, the garments are dazzling and extravagant, one garment, a pink chiffon ruffles that tuck into a pencil skirt decorated with beaded crystals.

Nila Baharuddin is an international Fashion and Interior Designer and a Visual Merchandiser. Her designs are worn by many fashion icons and celebrities around the world. Nila creates one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that are heavy with cultural and historical references. With many of the garments adorning aprons with 'girl power' written across the fabric this collection focuses on female empowerment, in earthy tones and blues this collection feel very connected to nature.

‘Kartikeya’, launched in 2013 is the solo debut of Nitin Kartikeya, the co-founder of Dozakh. It's described as playing with years past, and the garments are influenced by Kartikeya's theatre and film past. The muse for the collection is old world heritage and his romance for the arts, the pieces have a touch of surrealism. Inspired by the Baroque era, each garmented is soaked in legacy, culture and nature; crafted by artisan skill, with intricate embroidery on bodices, skirts and dresses that felt regal.

All showcased in a dramatic fashion show with Fashion Scout and video projections to portray the designers inspirations, this collection of couture was a breathtaking experience of talent on a global scale.

Photographer - Sebastian Davies

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