Sevaria 'SS21' for the bold and powerful underdog

Designed for the bold and powerful underdog, Sevaria is infused with the designer’s African heritage, each piece embodies a muse, layered upon by the incredibly personal and empowering backstory of the brand. “I design for those who are experimental, very open minded and fashion forward in terms of personal style and real-world fashion”

“When I was around 17 I was shopping with my dad and I remember going to all the stores and never finding anything that I identified with, and the clothes were very masculine and it wasn’t typical to go to the female section, I remember from that incident my dad got very frustrated because we went to 5 big malls and I couldn’t get anything. He made this random comment like ‘why don’t you just start making your own clothes’ after that conversation it was more intentional, I was like designing is a career, I can do this. So, when I went back to high school, I started doing it with more intention, I was very sure I wanted to do fashion, straight from high school I chose fashion school and from fashion school the brand came. I always to make sure there is no 17-year-old or even 30-year-old that doesn’t have something to meet their needs. It’s about being inclusive, not only androgynous, but designing for different sizes different races, just to make everyone feel comfortable.”

Born from the designer’s quest for inclusivity and desire for fashion that he could identify with, Sevaria was crafted forming the impeccably tailored, delicately detailed androgynous, gender-fluid brand that we adore today, each design captivating us through a combination of culturally inspired African silhouettes, united with contemporary androgynous techniques. “I feel like it’s very androgynous, very unique, it has very small details I really pay attention to details”

The nature of SS21 is embedded within the brand, a powerful message of self, inspired by the artist Fela Kuti, a controversial figure, Founder and Creative Director Jaime  Bryan Kimani transforms this inspiration into a message of freedom, a drive to walk your own path, decimating negative stigmas through design, each garment challenges convension, encouraging self-expression, a concept mirroring the lifestyle of his muse for this season. “This one was inspired by Fela Kuti, who was a very controversial and very strong musician in Nigeria, especially though his clothing, he wore a lot of embroidery, he married a lot of wives and they were all stylish and empowered. You would see the women smoking, and it wasn’t African at that time to see women smoking, I feel like he really identified with the brand which is all about being yourself and speaking strongly about culture. I was especially looking at how his wives used to dress, which is mostly a lot of wide pants and embroidery on his clothes, a lot of layering for the women.”

Finding this inspiration whilst at a gig, Feli Kuti’s music poured through the speakers in the background, a near missable moment, yet one that ultimately crafted this seasons garments.

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