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ROMderful, 23-year-old RnB/Pop artist born in Birmingham is solidating his stamp on London's immense music scene utilizing his nostalgic 2000s personality and cheerful colour techniques. Authentically experimenting with video game and electronic influences in his music ROMderful has reached over 150k monthly listeners on Spotify and has an Instagram fan following of over 11k proving his unique sounds are granting the right attention.

Gifted by being a musical adolescent since the age of 6, having learned to play guitar ROMderful has forever been inspired by music and creative sounds, "I was heavily inspired by early life in church and growing up hearing The Neptunes and Timbaland produced songs on the radio and MTV on literally a daily basis." ROMerful also relates himself to be a curious person, which lead him to find out many inquisitive things around musical technology, he says "I discovered FL Studio in primary school when I was 10 by accident when I was playing around in folders I probably shouldn't have been looking in and I'm an extremely curious person. So when I was greeted with this strange looking interface on the screen, I couldn't help but keep on exploring it and 13 years later, I'm still using FL Studio with the same curiosity and love as I did when I was 10."

Casting himself forward in the contemporary music scene in 2016, ROMderful created and produced singles released to Spotify containing upbeat unique sounds distinct to his musical style, nature and persona also collaborating with artists such as Emmavie, DEFFIE and Naji ROMderful began to expand his musical career. Putting his life and soul into the music he creates ROMderful has kept pushing the boundaries around how far he can experiment with electronic sounds and hip-hop melodies with the latest album release called "Press L to Continue".

Blessing his worldwide audience with 11 tracks featuring various artists such as Shakka, Dounia, Jay Prince, KayFaraway, Devin Tracy, TOBi and many more. The album projects energy, positivity through upbeat colours and sounds, exploring into ROMderful nostalgic personality. "I'm just a super nostalgic person who mentally and emotionally is stuck in the early 2000s in terms of music, fashion sense, video game preference, movie preferences, etc so I let those influences out as much as I can in my music too." Developing style and music similarities to big named American artists Tyler the Creator and the Internet, ROMerful says these creators are heavily influential to him, steering him in the same early 2000 direction, playing around with colours, video games, and stereotypical skater-fashion.

"I think my personality and music style go hand in hand" ROMderful describes himself as a very colour and vibrant person with all the intention to demonstrate that within his musical flow. Although being a bright cheerful, colorful person ROMderful still faces challenges within the industry "Trying to stay financially stable whilst doing what I love until I expand into other areas and make income from other things. That's probably been the toughest and it does play on my mind a lot but I try to stay working and moving forward as much as I can. Music is my sole income and always has been. I've never had a job so this is all I have really." Saying this ROMderful has expanded his mindset in the industry and shows signs of bettering himself "A challenge that I used to have but have massively overcome in the past year or two was always caring too much on how to please others with my music or my art. I have no one to please but myself. I can't compromise my happiness for clout and whichever way I go, someone is always going to say something. If I don't take risks and always make the same kind of things and "play it safe", people will complain that I never do anything new."

Growing his fanbase and following bit by bit every day, ROMderful's music is reaching a mass amount of listeners, touring worldwide four times already, by the age of 23 ROMderful is an inspiration for musical adolescents to look up to. "I've toured so many parts of the world just from making music in my bedroom or on the floor in hotels and apartments and outside, in the back of cars, etc. It's crazy to think that I've been able to play shows in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Canada and so many more. I've definitely grown a solid support system and following".

June 10th saw the release of ROMderful's new music video to the latest album track release "Tired of The Games ft. TOBi" already granting over 4k views the visuals are expected to be popular. ROMderful explains his brotherly connection to TOBi "We hung out briefly in New York as I was in the states for the whole summer last year finishing up my album. I then flew to LA for like a week during that trip and TOBi also was out there and he came through to my studio session and I played him some beats, we vibed, we talked and then he literally started freestyling off the top of his head for like 15 minutes on a basic version of the beat that everyone now knows as "Tired of the Games" and that's how this track came to be. All natural, all vibes, all love."

"Press L to Continue" isn't the last from ROMderful, with more and more creative colourful idea's bursting from his brain, he says "I'm working on ideas and inspirations for my second project, producing and writing songs for many more artists, exploring my artistry more and not just remaining a beat maker, but an artist." Keep a lookout for colourful clues into ROMderful's next nostalgic project on his Instagram.

"Every time I play an instrument, I try to make it seem like it's me talking and acting but just in an instrument sense? does that sound weird? I'm weird." - ROMderful

Photography by Jacob Carlson

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