Rocky Star | SS20

Capturing an essence of the Indian summer, Rocky Star bathes the audience in the warmth and tranquillity of the romantic season, through rich tantalising fabrics of satin and Chanderi cotton. Incorporating elements of traditional Indian heritage, a concept drawn from his own cultural background, the collection features ivory embroidered tunics with a contemporary western adaptation.

Detailing’s of lace, sequins and delicate layering’s are scattered throughout, blending perfectly with the neutral colour palette of black and cream. As with previous seasons, SS20 followed suit introducing an edge to the femininity of the collection, a signature of the brand. Drawing out the grace and elegance of the wearer, magenta pink floral motifs are entwined though each piece in the collection, juxtaposing a dominant graphic of colour amongst the more passive shades, a technique empowering the wearer both visually and emotionally.

Feminine ruffles contrast against rebellious black biker boots, with sequins adding an additional level of intrigue to the final aesthetic. The use of tulle and linen offer a more diverse visual to other pieces within the collection.

Each design stands apart from the rest, distinctive and singular, yet a cohesion within the collection is apparent, each piece linked by the vivacious magenta flowers that run throughout, proudly showcased in the form of fabrics, head wear, scarfs and even branch to embellish the commanding black biker boots.

Photography - Sebastian Davies

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