Rocky Star | AW19

Touching on the realm of fantasy and enchantment, Rocky Star injects faith and fear into his Autumn Winter 2019 collection, taking the audience on a journey of self-exploration, moving through a series of emotions and pushing the progression from fear empowerment, through a collection inspired by Vatican architecture.

Devising his own take on the painting ‘Separation of light from darkness’ Rocky focuses on the divide between good and evil, contrasting fear and power, drawing the audience into a confined world of mystery through the collection.

Contrasting free flowing silhouettes against sharply tailored pieces, garments juxtapose bold knitwear, pleats, sequins, velvet and metallics, creating a clash of textures that follows throughout the collection. Adding a level of innocence to the collection, silk, lace and ruffles add to the elegance of the silhouettes perfectly representing the good side and innocence of the fantasy realm from which his collection was built upon. Contrasting this delicacy and introducing the evil, layering and draping incorporate a gothic aspect to the collection representing a dark side to Rock Stars fantasy.

Furthering the romanticism of good and evil a colour palette of white beige and lighter shades move into deeper shades of grey, maroon and black.

Inviting the audience into a merge between reality, of fantasy and fascination Rocky Star creates a new short-lived world for the audience through his collection, enticing each individual to explore their inner anguishes and the faith represented through this collection.

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