'Ring Ring' by Impact X Yemz | Exclusive music video insights

Underground British hip-hop artists Impact and Yemz are on the grind with latest tune 'Ring Ring', combining high tempo tones with light fierce beats to create a track that's a high-level mover-motivator. Containing classic underground rap lyrics mixed with a more melodic authentic hip-hop flow from the feeling of the tune it's due to be a big hit as seen from the artist' friends top50 track Options by NSG. Modèle join both Impact and Yemz on a behind the scenes preview of the waviest visuals demonstrating their biggest track yet.

Inspired by ranges of music styles and taking elements from other artists such as Nafe Smallz, D Block Europe, Kano the creative pair understand how to convey the perfect signature sound and show a unique technique of producing music and uncovering the latest vibe. "Nafe for the melodic summer anthem type of vibe and also Nafe for the visual ideas, and then Kano for merging the melodies with the lyrics and wordplay," says Impact. Yemz also uncovers the personalised inspiration the pair found when developing 'Ring Ring', "the interaction between men and woman on the relationship front was inspiring to work with, not rushing, taking time to understand and get to know someone is better than looking at the glamour of a person."

Obtaining similar meanings from the track both Impact and Yemz signify they're chilled out vibe and current understanding of relationships in modern-day society, Yemz says his idea of the track defines "taking time to understand more about someone and patience pays off better than anything else. Sometimes life, especially in relationships, can be very difficult." But the tune also connects the fun and energy-filled side of relationships too as Impact states "Enjoy summer, have a good time but don’t get too caught up in all the hype and the gas, be selective on who your vibing with, attract good energy and work with the good energy you meet."

'Ring Ring's lyrics hold all underlining relationship messages, both Impact and Yemz are challenging the ideologies around dating, making sure the female sides stand strong and independent "I think having a strong focus on the ladies supports the lyrics referencing the ladies more than refereeing to us as the musicians." says Impact. Yemz also refers to these heightened female messages saying "We are trying to shed some wisdom and reality of relationships. Romance is a sweet thing but mot everything you see online translates to the beauty of a relationship." Including lyrics "You wanna move fast but you don't wanna last" which Yemz defines as "the thought of patience, rushing certain things ore taking the fast lane can end things quite early." Romantically intelligent rappers the pair are pinpointing on real authentic situations that many other young people can relate to, mixing with a high beat instrumental and a brain triggering catchy chorus 'Ring Ring' is sure to be an upcoming hit in London's music community.

Explosive melodic content like smoke machines and pumped-up parties are expected in 'Ring Ring' although it hasn't always been the style musician Impact produces "I have many styles but I flow more into the UK Hip-Hop type of style, this song is more melodic, however, I can do melodies so adjusting wasn’t a problem for me, plus it fits the purpose for the song as its a summer banger." Generating the whole of 'Ring Ring' in only five days Impact shares"I wrote my verse before hearing the beat, the instrumental got made within 20 hours, and from the Monday we had the idea it was finished recording by the Sunday evening." Yemz also says "We had a concept in mind that we wanted to portray and the process moved swiftly hence after." Bringing together a piece of music couldn't seem more challenging although for both artists 'Ring Ring' is a persued project made to perfection to be heard throughout the hip-hop homes of London.

Balancing out the scenes both male and female models were featured, the gender balance was spot on directed by upcoming young creative Madina the hip-hop pair were onto making a visual party extravaganza. Matching the visuals with lyrical ideologies that Impact and Yemz had planned out ran smoothly, Impact says "having a strong focus on the ladies supports the lyrics referencing the ladies more than refereeing to us as the musicians." Yemz also mentions this same fact "The video embodies the lyrics of the song with certain events that happen during the song, also glorifying women in a positive light, you do not need to show a sexual nature to look beautiful." Models included Aiko Gomez, Cassie Jones, Melissa Luke, Amy Morgan, Jahmai Allen, Jade Shanelle and more. Everyone at the shoot was in high spirits, with all of the team taken full care of.

As the female models wandered around getting all geared up for the party scenes making sure the shoot was spotless and conveyed everything the creative pair wanted. "My favourite part of the Ring Ring track is the chorus as all of us joined in and held our hands to our ears as if answering a call on our phones when the lyrics “Ring Ring” came on," says Aiko Gomez. As the tune began playing the atmosphere was insane, no one couldn't stop dancing, singing or grooving in time with the perfectly collaborated single "My most memorable moment at the shoot was everyone jumping up and down in the smoke egging each other on dancing I would defiantly dance to 'Ring Ring' on a night out, it’s got a vibe to it and has a good message that I think people relate to when attracting people says Jade Shanelle.

With demands rising high for both creative collaborators Impact and Yemz, London's underground music scene is reaching out for more tunes to arise like 'Ring Ring'. Organising headlining show .... "definitely expect more songs like Ring Ring!"

Check out latest video 'Ring Ring' by Yemz and Impact on PacManTV this Thursday (October 10th).

Photography by Izzy Clark, Gillian Magee and Lorik Krasniqi

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