RAYSSA | London Pavements Premier

Ambient house musician, RAYSSA, produces melodies leaving you feeling addicted to her rhythmic experiments. Here comes her latest instalment “London Pavements”, alongside some indulging visuals by Emily Macrander.

RAYSSA is the authentic Brazilian soul you've been missing. She projects positive energy through her melodic music and her airy soundscapes take on a whole other level as you sink deeper and deeper inside the vibe. Her latest video for London Pavements drops today, premiering on Modèle Magazine.

RAYSSA's journey began when she was 7 years old, from always having a keen interest in sound. Growing up in a Christian family RAYSSA was around instruments all the time in church and would always climb on the seat and make interesting sounds. When she reached 10, her mum saw potential and signed her up for piano lessons, as well as RAYSSA venturing out into the musical world herself through acoustic guitar and drums.

The DJ side to RAYSSA blossomed from a rave holiday in Brazil where she became fascinated by the dancing, lights and how the DJ’s techniques influenced everyone's movements. Despite the limitations of 2020, this has been an absolute standout year for RAYSSA. Being in the first lockdown allowed her to focus on her dream and lose all fear. She has always wanted to create her own sound in which anyone could digest…so here she is today, with her new sonic world.

The London Pavements video produced by Emily Macrander presents a captured moment of trance and was inspired by the feeling of being underwater, as the track itself projects many layers and reverbs. Emily speaks on the video, "I thought about what this underwater space would look like, it was dark and an endless space which worked best in conjunction with the track to create something that would seem almost like a dream... I added the gold and silver jewellery to underline the metallic jingles on the track but also because I thought they would work as a pretty way to round off the visual aesthetics."

For RAYSSA, first came the release of "I Can Hear You Smiling", followed by her biggest body of work "Isn't It Magic". The EP holds 6 solidified tracks presenting RAYSSA as a rising Alternative House artist.

RAYSSA is not only an artist with software, she is known for her unique and interesting techniques when it comes to making music. Incorporating the use of her TR8 Roland drum machine and psychedelic guitar style; she's inspired by the roots of where House music started, utilising those methods to achieve her sound. You are never going to hear these same sounds from any other artist, RAYSSA is driving her own musical niche for the audience of today.

Watch London Pavements today and lose yourself in the melodic and visual vibe created by RAYSSA and Emily.

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