Rave safe alongside Chase Ibiza Evolve | marathon madness

Indulging into London’s dance parties doesn’t always have to make you feel guilty, Chelsey Chase and Chase Ibiza presented Evolve’s marathon day party to celebrate their 1st birthday and promote rave safe, alongside raising awareness for mental health.

April 28 219, the underground of Leake Street, South Bank, echoed with the booming tunnels of venue 26. It flooded with people, surrounded by graffiti artists painting the visual interpretations of the Evolve party on the walls, many of these artists had been self-taught, yet the imagination and creativity was so intense and raw people couldn’t remove their eyes.

Tickets were on sale for £5 early bird and £10 first release on resident advisor pushing the old school 98’ house, garage and techno DJs of the night Saffron Stone, Dave Lubin, Tom Frankel, Liam Moriarty, Jakeream, George Lomas, Josh Lovell, Chelsey Chase and Sara Fry.

Independent woman and iconic female to look up to Chelsey Chase owner of Chase Ibiza Evolve events built the whole Evolve party off her own back in memory of her late father she says “Evolve is in memory of my dad, if you re-arrange the letters in Evolve it says love”. Losing her father to mental health, Chelsey demonstrates how important sending the safe sesh message across is when organising events like this is.

Making event management no problem herself and her mum Andree Chase were stood by the door dancing, greeting people and being wonderful hosts; no one was without a smile. Chelsey describes both her parents as old school ravers, being a wonderful influence on her life it’s helped her and made her push for her position in the London nightlife scene.  

Having started off in 2016, making an alcohol delivery company in Ibiza Chelsey went to many parties “All my friends were really cool, Jamie Jones, I was in that circle of friends doing after parties and selling drinks and stuff”. Being invited to these exclusive parties Chelsey realised she had a passion for party organisation and management; she would even end up arranging DJ sets making her lead on to create her own parties. Using venues such as Shoreditch platform, Café 1001 and Aquarium the Evolve party is forever going, with many people coming back on a regular basis making the Chase family one you’d wish you were part of.   

The marathon day and night party brought the best mix of old school beats with amazing artwork by the graffti artists, all being arranged through Chelsey she was able to fill the tunnel with colourful Evolve artwork and loved up party-seekers symbolising how loved and together people feel coming to Chase Ibiza Evolve.

Giving out free Evolve CDs Chesley says “you can’t always take, sometimes you gotta give something back”, the passion and determination to keep the good vibes and good music going all day was eye opening; Chelsey brings such hope and power to the underground events scene in London, helping push peoples career or talent alongside having a huge safe sesh!

“I’ve had so much support, it’s scary because 10 parties in a year and there’s only 12 months in a year” With Chase Ibiza Evolve climbing up the London events ladder Chelsey Chase is at the centre of it all making a stand for safe sesh of mental health awareness these parties aren’t ones you need to lie to your boss about. 

Photography by Jordan Davy

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