• Eloise Kirton

RAMENGVRL | "Look at me now" Ft Ted Parks

Indonesian female rap boss aka RAMENGVRL has snapped back yet again and dropped her new single 'Look at me now' featuring Korean/ American rap artist Ted Park. 'Look at me now', which came out on October 16th, is her second release in 2020 following on from her single 'Vaselina' released earlier this year.

Behind the lyrics of RAMENGVRL’s “Look at me now” lies the story of her journey from working in her mundane 9-5 job back home to her breakthrough as one of the top female hip-hop artists in her country despite setbacks and judgement from various people, she was surrounded by before her following grew.

Being raised in a conservative Indonesian family, RAMENGVRL has challenged the norms expected of her and others from the traditional Indonesian society and has done it her way. By starting off making demos whilst working her day job and releasing her first song “I’m Da Man” in 2016, she has achieved great success in Indonesia off the back of tracks like “CA$HMERE” and her mixtape 'No Bethany' which was released last year. On top of her success back home, RAMENGVRL has also charmed the likes of DJ MAG, VICE, THE FACE and ONES TO WATCH with her alternative, eccentric style and has been featured on Spotify’s Beats & Rhymes and New Era: Asian Hip-Hop playlists. She has also managed to rack up a hefty 189K on social media’s own Mecca, Instagram and over 200,000 monthly listeners on her Spotify page.

RAMENGVRL when talking about her new single expressed that: “This song is for anyone who’s determined to shut down their haters. When I was first starting to experiment with

music I was working in a 9-5 job, people in the office laughed at my music coz they

thought it was dumb, at the time it had an impact on me and I tried to hide it.

Eventually I stopped caring what others thought and just went for what I felt was

right. I kept going until I became what I am now; I’m happy and doing what I love.

That's the whole point of the song, you can laugh at me but look who’s laughing now.

I hope this song can also be an anthem for all of the hustlers out there to just keep

going no matter what the society says about you. I was so hyped up the first time I

heard Ted Park was down to work on this track! I’ve been a fan of his dope flow and

style, but also the fact that he’s had a phase where he had to live in a basement with

no money, but now he’s got fans in US and Asia crowding his shows, he’s getting

bags and keeps on leveling up. Something that definitely resonates with the theme of

the song. So, who better to grace the 2nd verse than him?”

As for up and coming featuring artist Ted Park, he is signed to Korean/ American rapper Jay Park’s H1GHR MUSIC and his verse interlude on the song serves a new element to the track and his punchy lyrics create the intricate twist that makes the song so unique and momentous amongst similar in its genre. On the topic of his involvement in the song he said: “When Ramengvrl’s team reached out to me about jumping on the track, I heard the record and was hooked instantly. Super catchy and I love how she’s not afraid to be herself in her music. Love her hustle & energy and super happy to be a part of this project.”

RAMENGVRL's music completely embodies all the values which have become so important in our generation such as self-belief and most importantly having the confidence and determination to break out of your shell and fight for what is meant to be yours. We know that this is only the beginning of what is to come from RAMENGVRL and we can't wait to see what she has in store for her rapidly growing audience over the next year.

RAMENGVRL's highly anticipated debut album "Can’t Speak English" will be out on November 20th, keep your eyes peeled for this up-an-coming artist.

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