Rae Lim Highlights The Struggles Of Dating In Lockdown Through Her New Single “GTFO”

Rae Lim has released her latest powerhouse track called “GTFO” - this latest single pinpoints on the struggles of dating during lockdown in an unapologetic way, just like Rae herself. The track is a tech-filled mix of hip hop and rap with a pop chorus which grasps your attention and contrasts her sultry vocals with the strength of the message.

“GTFO” is the true representation of dating during lockdown, Rae was inspired by the endless amount of dating apps and virtual zoom call dates when the idea for this track sprung to mind. According to Tinder’s Newsroom - In April 2020 (just as the first lockdown hit), messaging on Tinder had increased globally by 52% since the start of March.

The track is heavily connected to lockdown society within the UK, Rae mentions Boris Johnson in the track and says “Can’t wait to see you but Bojo’s got us in some tier ping pong, I miss you but what’s the point this no mixing household shit is long”.

Rae Lim is Singaporean but she moved to England when she was 13. Rae has played a lead

voice-role in the short animation film “Edge Of Sleep”, the film went on to the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. She has later gone on to play roles in the TV-series “Catastrophe”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Avenue 5”. She can be seen on the silver screen in the upcoming Bond film “No Time to Die” and later on in Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” with Michael B Jordan.

Rae presents her triple threat talents in dance and music. She was an assistant choreographer on Strictly Come Dancing, a competition dancer in Cuban Fury and worked for the Brit Awards as well as in music videos for several artists as a featured dancer.

The new single takes you down a path of realism as it describes how different these new romance methods are during “the new world”. It follows Rae Lim’s signature writing style as she highlights topics close to home, as seen in her previous singles like ‘Fortune Cookie’, “Waiting” and “If I Were in Love.”.

Speaking on the track, Rae explains that dating is hard at the best of times, but during lockdown everything is compounded and significantly more difficult. When intimacy is so heavily reliant upon physical touch and the ability to connect and form chemistry in person, it’s become almost impossible to meet someone during the pandemic. Living alone has been really hard but the song is ultimately about not settling for anyone just because we’re in a difficult time. It’s about maintaining your standards and knowing that the circumstances will get better.

During the cumulative year-long COVID-19 lockdowns, Rae’s love and passion for music grew stronger as she longed to continue creating whilst the film industry was recovering. Her first track “Lullaby” was released in January 2020 presented a darker tone of Rae Lim’s music. After that came the melodic pop single “If I Were In Love” which gained over 270k streams on Spotify. “Fortune Cookie” was about being stereotyped whilst her track before that “Waiting” was released in August & portrays the life of a creative, specifically as an actor.

This up-coming year we will be seeing a lot of Rae Lim as she has secured roles in the upcoming and highly anticipated “No Time to Die” and Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse”. She is also voicing in the lead cast for Superhero Kindergarten, the last superhero series written by comic genius Stan Lee. She describes her music and acting as two different personas of who Rae is, the comedic, bubbly actress has an unapologetic powerful alter ego which is Rae’s music.

“I want to release music which makes people smile or makes people happy.. Songwriting is very important to me because being able to put your message into music is one of the greatest gifts in life, especially if it resonates with someone.” – Rae Lim

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