• Eloise Kirton

Prstn | 'Homesick"

Originating from the Yorkshire town of Harrogate, 23-year-old singer/songwriter Prstn has released his new single ‘Homesick’ which will be a part of his new EP also named ‘Homesick’, soon to be released.

Prstn (pronounced Preston) has previously hit over 30 million streams on Spotify with his various slow tempo, easy listening covers collated into an album released in 2016, covering songs by the likes of pop artists such as Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers. The soar in streams meant Prstn was awarded a gold-selling single title, helping develop his career as an artist and songwriter.

However, ‘Homesick’ branches out from Prstn’s accustomed style of covering classic pop hits and creates a new path for his music in which he has full expression and has clearly created visionary lyricism which portrays the bitter heartbreak of a flawed relationship. Produced by his friend and collaborator Eddie Serafica who has previously worked with the likes of Lily Allen and James Bay, ‘Homesick’ is just a taster into what is to come from Prstn.

As 2020 commences, somewhat quicker than everyone expected, Prstn has confirmed he has multiple singles lined up for release over the coming months all building up to his EP. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled across all streaming platforms and social media for his new releases.

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